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More exterior work completed November 19, 2015

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After completing the stucco painting, I decided to paint all the trim so it matches around the entire exterior of the house. 

Maybe I should paint the patio cover to match?

Next was the weed killer. So I pulled all the weeds and doused all the bark with the spray. There was some mess and weeds in the planters so I cleaned that up as well. I love this house and the improvements we have made. 

Still cannot push a lawn mowers which leaves the dog own grass high but, my shoulder will heal soon and the grass can wait it then.


Long Recovery November 12, 2015

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On August 20th I fell and hurt my shoulder. Almost since then I have been on disability and doing projects in small bursts so that I avoid re-injury. Painting walls is something I have been able to do because I hurt my non-dominant arm.

Physical therapy opened my eyes to the stretches and treatment needed to properly heal from an injury. Growing up I tried to push my body to recover faster than it was ready to. It is amazing to me how much of a difference it makes when I listen and heal properly.

I have been going a bit stir crazy because of my limitations and so many things I want to do are restricted. Thankfully I received some cross stitch patterns from my Mom. It takes me a bit longer to finish due to arm strength but the value of feeling completion is worth it. Soon I will share photos of the pieces I made. In the mean time be safe, healthy and happy.


Spare Room Clean & Ready November 5, 2015

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When our roommate moved out I cleaned the room and painted the walls. He came back and painted the ceiling for me. Changing the wall from flat white to semigloss “chocolate froth” made a visible difference. The walls look cleaned and the room looks more finished.

While the paint was drying we added the curtain rod to the closet and the daybed. Now that the room is put together we have a place for guests to stay.

If we do not sell the house then I will be starting new projects in that room next year. 


Patching and Painting October 8, 2015

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With the exterior of the house finished it is time to focus on the interior. The realtor who helped us buy this house gave us some pointers on preparing it to sell. This is my to do list

  • Remove all hanging items from the walls in the living room and dining room
  • Patch all holes
  • Paint entire room to match 
  • Remove hanging items from the master bedroom and kitchen.
  • Patch holes
  • Reaping master bedroom to offshore
  • Repaint walls from the brick pattern up in kitchen to make look clean.
  • Paint side of cabinet 
  • Repaint spare bedroom with clean coat of paint
  • Paint the hallway

Basically I will be repainting everything lol! I will share before and after pictures as I finish each room.


Back Yard Project Countdown….1 October 1, 2015

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In preparation of selling the house we started finishing projects. Completed projects helps make the house look clean, cared for and presentable.

We started in the backyard where we still had a lot to do.

  • Fill in concrete
  • Finish stucco
  • Put laundry line under ground 
  • Tie in gutter drain into laundry line.
  • Paint stucco
  • Kill weeds in the new mulch

My parents came up and Ash helped Daddy do work. They took care of the first 4 things on the list and it looks much cleaner.


Now it is my turn to do work. I started with painting the stucco to match the wall.

Much better!


Table in all its Grandeur! September 24, 2015

When I shared the results of Great Grandma’s table at the end of June, I did not have pictures of the new brackets or the table put back together. I admit to not planning ahead for pictures of the stages because I have a tendency to work straight through to the finish.

It worked out well because I realized that the table needed some detail work. The top needed to be sanded with steel wool and resealed and the legs needed another coat or two of stain. Working with stain on the table, and the hopechest, has giving me a higher appreciation for a smooth stain finish. It looks so easy but it is not easy for me!

While I was researching the new hinges for the table I found something interesting. There are support brackets that will fold down with the table. Similar to those used in some nail salon chairs and tables in travel trailers. I decided to order some to add extra support to the table wings. Previously they were only held up with the wing piece that folded open but it was not the best idea because the dogs could knock it down with their heads.  

 We flipped the table over in the dining room so that I had a flat surface to use to attach every thing. The special supports did not work because the angle of attachment was wrong. Once I was done we flipped the table right side up and stood back to look.

All lesson learned and project accomplished. I am proud of the work I did!



Life Changes and Big Move? September 17, 2015

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When we moved into our house we thought that we would be in it for a long time. Everyone said it was a starter home but I did not believe them until now. As of November Ash is being laid off from his job so that means he is looking for a new job. He is considering jobs in Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

Right now it looks like Colorado is going to be the winner. There are recruiters taking to him and we are making plans to move. The projects we had started on the house are being finished so that it looks good to sell. To avoid starting new ones I am organizing all my crafting supplies and preparing them to be packed, as well as donating items we not longer need to Good Will.

This is a big change for us, especially me, and we are trying to get everything planned out so that we are not scrambling at the last minute to prepare.

If we move to Colorado:

  1. Trade in truck for 2 cars
  2. Prepare house to sell
  3. Schedule day to have movers take everything to Colorado
  4. Get a storage unit in Colorado to store everything in
  5. Sell house
  6. Ash get a new job
  7. Buy a new house
  8. Give my notice
  9. Spend week with family
  10. Drive to Colorado with the animals

If we stay here:

  1. Trade in truck for 2 cars
  2. Prepare house to sell
  3. Ash get a new job
  4. Sell the house 
  5. Buy a new house

I am sure there is more I need to do and some of the items above have more details that go with it. We have at least made a plan and started moving toward the goal. Keep your fingers crossed and Ash in your prayers so that he can get an amazing new job!



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