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School is in Session February 5, 2015

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My posts may become a bit fewer for a while. School started at the end of January so I have been trying to get ahead on my work. Get ahead and get into a routine. There is so much we do in a day and sometimes we forget about it all until we have to add something else.

I knew that school was going to take up a lot of my time but until classes started it was impossible to get into a routine. Ok so maybe impossible is a bit of a strong word but it was the word that came to mind. For me I do better when I know what kind of work the teacher are expecting so I can plan my time. I could of course plan for everything ahead of time but that it not realistic for my way of time management. In this way I am like my niece Keegan. She learns things, tells stories and does puzzles in reverse. I prepare time management in reverse. Once I have all the balls up in the air  I start planning on how to keep them bouncing and/or in what order to catch them.

Using my calendar I scheduled certain days for certain chores, leaving me more time to study. My amazing husband helps me study and does all the cooking. I am blessed to have the support I have and the opportunity to return to school. Wish me luck on getting the A’s I am working for!


New Ottoman Completed! February 3, 2015

When I started recovering the ottoman I did not plan on the dust cover fabric that goes on the ottoman to get destroyed. This over site came back to haunt me because as I mentioned before it was destroyed.

At first I thought that it would be as simple as buying new fabric but I found of the hard way that I had no idea what kind of fabric it was or how to find more.

After a bit of online research I found out that it is called Cambric and was able to order it online. The shipment took a bit longer to arrive then I originally thought but it arrived and was exactly what I needed.

I flipped the ottoman over and used the staple gun to put it in place and then re-installed the legs.

IMG_0121 IMG_0148



Ta Da!! New ottoman! Now I can have my feet up and not fight Rosco for the ottoman.

IMG_0151 IMG_0150




Murphy Dog Bed Ideas January 29, 2015

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We do not have a lot of space in our house. I am always looking for new ways to use spaces for multiple purposes. Our dogs are spoiled by me so I want to find a way to make comfortable beds for them that don’t take up a lot of space.

I have thought before about having a Murphy  bed in our space bedroom so I was very happy when I found these options.

I hope to be able to try to make some of these either this year or next. In the mean time I will be doing more research and finding some plans.


Barkbox January 27, 2015

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During the Christmas season we had dinner with our friends and they introduced me to a dangerous thing!

Barkbox!!! It is a monthly subscription for dogs. They sent treats and toys, etc each month for the dogs. Of course I had to sign up! I mean what kind of dog Mom would I be if I didn’t, right?

We just got our first box and I was so excited to open it. I think that I might be just as excited as the dogs. I mean look at them smelling the box before it is opened.

Once opened, look at all they got!

I think that the dogs are happy with this. Which is all I wanted because it they are happy then I am happy!


Spare Umm ideas January 22, 2015

We have a second bedroom in our house. Currently we have a room mate renting the room but I can not help but dream of how we will decorate/what we will do with the room.


I think that this desk idea might be nice to add on the bottom of a murphy bed.

Image Found in Google Search. Original Image at

Image Found in Google Search. Original Image at


So many ideas, so long to plan!



Penguin Love Nails January 20, 2015

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Beginning n January it was time to get my nails done again. What design to do? That was the question. I get mine done once a month so I wanted them to be fun but have some Valentine’s Day since I would not be getting them done again until close to Valentine’s Day itself.

I told my favorite nail designers this and they came up with a wonderful idea.

I love penguins and I love my nails!



Penguin Love Nails January 18, 2015

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Time for my new nails and I couldn’t decide what I wanted them to do. It is still winter but after the holidays. Should I do Valentine’s Day theme?



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