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Removing More Crab Grass March 27, 2018

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Our shed is finally settled and the new plants around it are starting to grow in nice and healthy. We did notice that during the rain the water builds up in front of the shed causing a slippery mud pit. It is problematic because that is where all my decorations are and it is hard to get to them without incident. I needed to come up with a plan to correct this while also making the shred yard, “my secret garden” look nice.

I dislike mowing lawns because of my asthma so the thought of removing the crab grass from the area would be a double benefit. One: I would not have to move anymore. Two: It would no longer be traveling under ground into my planters. But how to do this smart and efficient. Should be concrete it? No. Should we use gravel? maybe. Should be use paving stones? maybe some added in.

The plan started forming in my mind….

  • dig up the layer of dirt with the crab grass in it.
    • The yard bin can’t get too heavy so this must be done is smaller portions or use trash bags and take it to the dumps to dispose of.
  • Spray a layer or two of weed killer on the ground, just in case.
  • Spread a layer of sand across the area and level it.
  • Finalize plans of how to fill area with gravel or pathway stones.

Sounds like a simple plan! Even so, I know that it will take me a long time to achieve this goal but it will be worth it.


Yoga March 6, 2018

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To me yoga was all stretches and breathing, then I started attending classes and learned how wrong I was. There are different level of classes and different type of yoga classes. My first class was Yin yoga.

Image result for yin yoga image

Yin was floor work which was a lot of stretching. It was harder than I thought and boy did I feel the muscles for a few days after class. The next class was a bit easier because I knew more of what to expect. So I decided to try more classes and boy…. I am more out of shape and inflexible than I thought.

I am enjoying the classes and the classes are helping me immensely. My anxiety levels are lower and I am learning to block out the tinnitus in my ears. Life is getting brighter, happier and healthier. Can’t wait to see how much different I will feel in a year from now.


Reconnecting with Eachother February 27, 2018

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Over the years of treatment it has not been easy for Ash to be married to me. He has always been there for me, supporting me and taking care of me. Treatment has changed a bit now and I feel it is time for me to reconnect with him. To show him how much I love him and cherish him.

Weekend away at the coast sounded like the best plan! I planned 2 weekends away for us to enjoy. The first trip was to Fort Bragg/Mendocino in January. We celebrated our legal anniversary and shared the memories we had of the day he proposed to me there. We have so many shared memories in that area of California but we built some more.

The second trip was to Pacific Grove, CA which is right next to Monterey Bay. We stayed at the Lighthouse Lodge and Cottages again. It is a wonderful place and located right by the water so it is super peaceful. There were a jetted bathtub and fireplace in the room. We took the long way there and stopped for lunch in Palo Alto, CA at a restaurant his boss recommended. It was amazing food and drinks so of course we got growlers to enjoy later. The trip included the Monarch Butterfly Refuge, Monterey Bay Aquarium and loads of beach time. We enjoyed seals on the beach and sea otters in the wild.

On the drive home we took a fun detour to Santa Cruz Lighthouse too.


Battle for Good Health February 20, 2018

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As you know I have been battling cancer for a while and now I have tinnitus as well. During some research Ash found that exercise/physical activities such as gardening or yoga can help to reduce the symptoms and improve health.

Gardening is of course my favorite on the list of things to do so I was excited for that. I have some projects that I would like to get started on. Such as a fire pit area and crab grass removal. Both require a lot of digging and time so it will be good for me all around.

Intrigued, I decided to add more exercise for me on top of the yard work. Last summer I got a tricycle and I have not really ridden it. I have decided to start practicing with Rosco on the street out front. I want to train him to ride in the rear basket so we can go for rides together.

Plus I tried Yoga for the first time. It was Yin Yoga so there was a lot of floor work and it was a wonderful class to start with. Now I need to find time to add more into to my routines.

Time for me to do some time management schedules so that I can get back to good health and hopefully stay there. It will always be a struggle but I am hoping to stay positive about it.



Finding My Happy Place February 8, 2018

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Life has been throwing a few curb balls at the family and directly at me. In October a fire whipped through my home town destroying homes, businesses, and everything else in its path. My Great Aunt and Uncles home was one of the ones lost.

During the fires my Grandmother passed away. I could not get there to be with my family and give my father support because of the air quality. It is sad for me to say but the fact that I could not be with them hurt more than losing her did.

The holidays after that were a blur of events including gingerbread trains, a visit from Carla & Kenneth and Lighted Christmas Parade in Geyserville. During that time I started physical therapy for my wrist. It was amazing to me how the right kind of therapy and therapist can make such a huge impact.  Finally able to use it a bit more, I started to weed and cross stitch. Never realized how much I was missing it or how much it helped me to re-center myself.

Recently I got the call that I have to go see an oncologist for further treatment. It was not news I was expecting and was very hard to accept. Took me over a week to stop crying and process it. Well I might still be processing but at least I am not crying any longer. Made me once again take stock and be more grateful for the amazing family I have around me to support me through this.

Everyday is a fresh slate with no mistakes made in it yet… that is what I learned from Anne of Green Gables. It also is a reminder to me to find something that makes me happy each day and do it. Finding the time or pulling myself out of dark place to the happy place it not easy but I will battle to do it every day.


Bathroom Remodel – Phase Two July 11, 2017

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It is time for the remodel work to begin. Friday night Ash and Damion went to work on the demolition in the bathroom. They knocked down the tile and sheet rock from the edge of the tub to the ceiling. The process took them till about midnight. There was mold behind the wall, as we suspected so I was not able to be in the house during the work or to sleep.

Thank goodness we are friends with our neighbors! They let me sleep there and they are sharing the shower with us while we do not have one.

The following morning my parents arrived and the men went straight to work. There was a Home Depot run to make for supplies then my Dad had questions for us. Boy was there more involved in this project then we comprehended.

Dad and Ash removed the tub from the bathroom. We found that part of the shower draining issue was because the drain was not actually attached to the plumbing below so the ground was just absorbing the water. Thankfully Dad was able to get the new drain to attach correctly to the plumbing so that will not happen in the future. Ash took a load to the dumps while my Dad slopped the new shower floor to the new drain.

By the end of the day they had the shower sloped twice as needed, bleach applied to calls and the window cleaned then reset. We all went to dinner and then my parents drove home.

Exhausted as Ash was, there was still work to do and decisions to make. He sat with me to talk about all the choices we had and then we went to Home Depot to buy the remaining items. Now Ash had a week of work ahead of him and I was working overtime to stay our of his way and help cover the cost of the project. During that week he redid the plumbing.

Added insulation

Water proofed with Fire and Ice

Cement boarded the walls and added second layer of water proofing

And tiled the shower floor

After a couple weeks of recovery time Ash tiled the shower threshold and started tiling the walls

While this is being finished I am going shopping for a new shower curtain for the bathroom. I love the shower curtain we had but it will not be have the height we need now.

Stay tuned for more progress.


Valhalla Renaissance Fair 2017 July 6, 2017

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It has been a few years since we went to Valhalla Renaissance Fair in South Lake Tahoe but we finally made it back. On Friday night we headed out of town on our adventure to fair and there was a mud slide that closed a strip of the highway and google maps sent us on a detour.

What a detour it was too! Started out as paved road, then it was gravel, then it turned into mud. The guys even had to get out to push a car stuck in the mud, up the hill. I was very happy to get back to the highway and off the road. As we got to the highway we found a sign stating that we had gone through the El Dorado National Forest, so I am thinking we were on a Ranger road. Luckily the only thing that happened to my car was mud and my alightment being thrown off.

Jenna had not been before so we make an outfit for your and introduced her to.


Ash was happy that it was cold enough to hear his clock to fair. FB_IMG_1497159238973

And he got to sit in the falconer’s chair.


After a long day at fair, we went to Fire and Ice in Heavenly Village for dinner. The food was good, company was good and the drinks were HUGE!