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Pictures of Our Foster Dog Child April 13, 2015

First day during his ride to the vet so that we could check for a microchip.


Ahh cuddles and snuggles

On the way to the groomers

On our way to the groomers


All clean and heading home


Relaxing with new caller after a long walk


Sleeping soundly.


Change in backyard plans April 3, 2015

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I have shared with you my adventures with gardening in my back yard. Some adventures have worked some have not, mostly due to the dogs, but the garden is not producing well. The area of the yard where the garden is located gets a good amount of sun, more than the other side, but not enough for the plants to produce. So I have decided to change it up.

The garden boxes were removed and I installed a big lattice in the corner to block the dogs from sticking their noses through the fence. Ash moved the fence line from the first poll of the patio to the fence providing us with a permanent dog yard. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and want them to roam free but when we are not out there with them for longer stretches of time this dog yard will be a blessing.

Now that the fence is moved there are more things that I will be able to do:

  1. Have a flower garden in the shady back yard.
  2. Create an entertainment and or outdoor relaxing area
  3. Create a potted Vegetable plant garden
  4. Change the drip lines out of dog yard.

The third on this list will be my first step, I guess I should of made it #1, oh well! This should also be the easiest. I am using some of the post I already have and buying a few more. Each plant will be in its own pot lined up on the side of the house. The side of the house will be perfect because it gets good sun and heat. The plants can soak up the heat from the walls of the house. Who knows, maybe it will help the house stay cooler. I will share photos when I can.


Found Dog Looking for His Home April 2, 2015

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On Tuesday night I arrived home from work to find a pit bull roaming out front yard. Please do no immediately think of his as aggressive, mean, attacking or abused. He strayed from his home and is now lost.

I was able to get a leash on him and walked him around a bit trying to see if he would lead me to his house but no luck. We took him to the vet where the found a microchip naming him as Brownie but all the contact numbers were invalid. We posted signs, alerted the shelter and are spreading the word.

He is a loving friendly  un-neutered male. I would guess that he is a less than 2-year-old Red Nose Pit. Norcal Bully is helping us with trying to find his home but also with introducing him to our dogs so that we can foster him for the mandatory 30 days. Last night he meet the cats, today he gets groomed, and tonight we are going for another walk.

Please spread the work about this wonderful dog so that we can try to a “Hail Mary” move and score his family!


Broken Door Knob Adventure March 27, 2015

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A few months ago on a Thursday night the latch on our front door handle broke as I was coming home. This became an adventure because the handles became decoration only. How do we open the door, get in or out of the house?

Damian and Ash began taking the screws out and trying to remove the handles and latch from the door while it was stuck closed. They worked on it for hours! Damion even tried to take the door off its hinges with no luck.

Friday morning before going to work, Ash was able to break apart the latch mechanism, remove it and reinstall the door handles. Of course the door handles were only there to pull open or closed the door. The dead-bolt has to be locked in order for the door to be closed at all.

Now, what do we do?……….


Last weekend we found a solution. We went to Home Depot and bought a replacement door knob. It was not the same one because ours was discontinued but it is close. Not it is installed and we are happy.





More Quilts Completed March 25, 2015

My co-workers Mom has Alzheimer’s and she gave me some of the quilts her mom started. Thy are beautiful and hand stitched. I decided not to take away from the original design and just add a back to them.

It took me a while to collect the backing fabrics and I was ready. My sewing machine disagreed with me. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I had to switch out machines.

Now that I have my new sewing area set up, it was time to try sewing again. I say try because not sure my machine would work after sitting for a few years. It was serviced right before so I hoped that it would. Thankfully it did!

Once the two quilts were pinned I sewed all four edges, leaving one opening in a corner. Using  the opening I flipped it right side out then hand sewed the corner closed. I decided to at sewn rim around the blanket as well. Once that was completed I added my yarn ties.

3 2

I am happy to have a couple of the quilts finished. Now is just have 4 more to do.



Musical Sewing Machines March 18, 2015

I have two sewing machines, one at our house and one at my parents. The one at my house decided to stop working. The bobbin broke so my Mom brought me the other machine, then took the broken one to the repair shop by her.

My Dad is happy to have yet another thing out of his garage/attic. The sewing machine had been repaired and then stored at their house because at the time there was not room for it where I lived. It is built into a table so it requires a permanent location.

I rearranged our bedroom to accommodate the machine. Dixie’s bed got moved to Ash’s side of the bed, Rosco’s kennel was taken down, so he only has a bed now, and the machine was placed in the corner where Dixie’s bed used to be. There is a window above and my vanity mirror to the right which reflects more light on my machine.


When I am not sewing, I can have the top open with the machine down and use the space as a desk for my homework. I like that it is a multipurpose space.

If I am not using it at all then I can close it and place my basket of fabric below and the chair to the left.

I know that our room is small but I think that it makes a nice little area in the corner for me.


Lots of Homework March 11, 2015

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School is going well but I have a lot of homework to do. Sadly, that means less time for projects and blogging. I am working on getting ahead in class so that I can have more free time. In the meantime have faith in me and patience with me.


Rosco wants attention too! (if you could not tell!)



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