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Happy Anniversary to Us May 27, 2016

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This year we went big! We got tattoos!!!




I went first and while I was getting mine done Ash was talking with another artist who was drawing a design for fun. ..conversation happened and then this happened…



Trellis Love! May 19, 2016

When I as down with my parents in January I ordered 2 trellis for my yard. In May they finally arrived and my parents brought them up to me in Sacramento. After a few delays, I finally got them in the ground with my climbing vines.

I thought I was going to have to use ties to train the vines to grown up and fill in the space but Mom helped me start using the vines alone. They are going to look amazing when full grown but I am in love with them even now.




Now I just have to add more drip line, a couple more stones, the succulent plants in the fountain and I would say the front yard will be done. LOL! Only a couple more things to do , right?!?


Lovely Green Leaves & Blooms May 12, 2016

Right after I got the bears briar from my parents, we got a lot of rain. We need the rain in California but I was sad because it delayed my planting. When the sun came out for a couple of days I was a happy girl. I grabbed the shovel, even though I am not supposed to, and started digging holes.

Digging holes is good cardio and strength training, right!?!? Yes, but not for me. Damion dug the holes for me and I grabbed all my plants.

My husband loves to give me a hard time when I get home from my parents. Seeing all these plants in my car he asked if I had the dogs, all he could see was a forest of green. LOL! He loves to tease me!

We got it all planted in no time flat. He would dig one and I would plant while he dug the rest.

There is a lot of green leaves and calla lily blooms to look at this year and soon there will be more from the plants I just added. I am looking forward to seeing is come to life!

Now I get to plan my swing refurb and adding iris…. Talk to you later. I am going back out to flirt with the dirt.


Fresh Yard ~ Ready for Summer! May 5, 2016

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I was feeling energetic and antsy a few weeks ago so I decided to use all the energy on my front yard. First thing I did was weed the planters and some of the walkways. Then I pruned the trees and plants, removing dead limbs and blooms.

There was a couple of items I needed from the store to finish this so I went to our new Harbor Freight. I found more things than were originally on my list such as a weed killer sprayer and a battery LED light for my shed. Since I had the sprayer I decided to stop next door at my favorite Home Depot to get the weed killer concentrate. That proves to be a dangerous choice!

The bark I use in the front yard to control weeds and give it a nice visual appeal was on sale 5 for $10. $2 per bag, UNREAL!! I loaded up 15 bags of the black bark and took it home to update the planters. My new plan was to spray the week killer and fill in some blank places that needed bark.

At home I did just that and then started to clean up the back yard. Trees trimmed, weeds pulled and spiders killed. When I was finished I had pretty much filled the trash, recycling and yard bins. Ash was not overly happy about that because it meant that they were full until the upcoming Friday. OOOPS!

When I was done working in the yard about 6pm I stood looking out at the front yard feeling accomplished but not finished yet. The new bark that I put out was nice and dark black, making it stand out from the rest. It was not pleasing to look at, at least for me. I spoke with Ash about it and asked him how he would feel about me updating the bark in the yard. Maybe putting new brown over the walk ways to make them look nice and clean against the new black. He told me to do whatever made me happy. Got to love my husband!!

Sunday morning I got up early and went to Home Depot again. This time I loaded up on 20 black bark and 15 of the brown bark. Ok, so I didn’t load it, the loader at Home Depot did. He had some doubts that it was all going to fit into my Ford Edge but in the end it all fit.

20160417_085337 20160417_085357 20160417_085404

This much bark, it had to cover my whole yard, right? Well no, not all but close to all. I went back for another load of 8 brown and 15 black bark bags. It did not fill the car as full this time so the loader was a bit happier. Although he still teased me for how often I am at the store. When all the bark was put out all the hard work, multiple trips and hot sun were sooo worth it!



I am amazed everyday how much the yard has grown and changed since we bought the house. The feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction were well-earned this time!

………but I was not done yet. There was still sun in the sky and a few more things to do around the house. I moved the back yard and created a nice sitting area by the window of the shed.

20160417_120033Now I was done and ready to go spend the afternoon with my hubby.


Wind vs Tree…. Wind Won April 28, 2016

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We have a tree in our backyard that give shade to most of half the yard. It is pretty to look out the kitchen window and see it. Mother nature decided that it was time for a change. Early in the afternoon on Friday the wind was strong, causing all the trees to sway. Our tree had branches snap off and set on the power lines and our neighbors fence. The branches breaking was not loud enough to alert them but thankfully they went outside and saw the damage

download_20160422_140218 download_20160422_140212

From the pictures it does not look as bad as it was. My neighbor called me to tell me, then called SMUD while I was driving home. SMUD arrives a bit later and took at look. It was decided that the tree should be removed but they are not allowed to do that. They cut off the branches that were broken and or about to break and left them where the fell.

20160422_132338 20160422_132330 20160422_132328

After 2 yard bins full of branches and the rest piled in one spot, we still have a pretty good size pile.

20160422_144947 20160422_145006

The pile is almost as tall as me and you can’t tell except for the height of the fence behind it. The remainder of the limbs we will slowly cut up and put in the trash until the yard bins are emptied again. Our neighbor is going to burn the bigger pieces so that will save us some work too.

My parents are coming up soon and I will ask my Daddy to help Ash take down our tree. The upside, I always have to find one, is that now I can plant 2 fruit trees in the back yard. Just have to find the right ones.


Veggie Garden Re-Envisioned April 21, 2016

I loved my bin garden but so did the dogs.IMG_4100It grew and was healthy till it started to produce, then Rosco attacked it. This year I would like to enjoy the fruits of my labor, so to speak.

The local nursery I love to go to had some wooden planters that were height enough I could garden without bending over. This is a very appealing idea to me because I am a clutz and it will save it from the dogs. I guess it could be both combined to because it would save me from having the dogs trample me while I garden…. oops rambling.

I talked with my neighbor and my husband about building one for me. The plan was in place, I would buy the supplies and they would build them. Before I bought the supplies I did some research to be sure I picked the right wood and screws. I came across the planter I wanted. It fit my vision to a T.

The planter arrived and my neighbor put it together for me.


Then we moved it to the side of the house, filled it with dirt and planted my veggies.


I can’t wait to see what grows! I think that if something doesn’t grow I will replace it, if it all grows then I will add a small planter to the side to get a couple more plants. Hmmm maybe next year I should buy another one…. food for thought!


Disneyland!! April 14, 2016

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This year I bought a season pass to Disneyland. So Kacie and I went last weekend and had some fun in the park.



It was magical! I LOVE Disney!!!



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