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New Flower Garden has Begun August 18, 2016

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After fighting a losing battle  of planting flowers in the backyard to the dogs, I have come up with a new strategy….I decided to make a small backyard flower oasis. Ash will still have space to expand the patio and make this outdoor kitchen area and the dogs will still have space to move and play. I plan to move my tall patio table set to the small yard where the shed is and an an umbrella then plant some fun colorful flowers. 

Ironic that the area originally started out as a dog pen but things chance. Plus I was running out of room in the front yard and on the patio. 😆

Before I even had time to love the table I started planting. I got a couple of pots. Plastic for now because my Mom was not available to go with me to buy nice ones. I know you may be asking why I could not go without her and that is a valid question. I made a promise to my Mom that I would not go to our new favorite nursery in Sacramento without her. Well at least not to buy flower pots LOL.

In each pot I planted a taller plant and a couple plants that will grow to fill in and drop over the sides. In the corner of the yard by the patio I planted a pomegranate bush that my friend gave me. Around the pots I planted some salvia, canna and day lilies. I love those 3 plants.

In over to get a more space accurate plan in place I has Ash help me move the table and chairs into the yard. We also found a third chair that is similar to add to the set so that they have are 3 chairs now. 

I finally added a plant to the window box of the shed, a succulent plant, and moved a couple of my patio pots into the shade provided by the shed. To be honest I will probably move things around a bit more before they find their final place but that is part of the fun.

During our last trip to my parents house we went out to a couple nurseries. Shocker, I know right!?! During this trip I picked up some new interesting flowers for the new garden and Ash picked out a climbing rose bush. He would like the combing rose planted ont he fence that runs by our bedroom window. It currently has potato vine growing on it but it is not filling in as the Passion flower vine of the other option of fence. You can see the difference in the fence lines just by looking at the picture here.

So he thought that the rose could grow in to cover the metal wire fence while also looking beautiful. I always ask him for his opinion and I was happy to have it on this. Of course I made him pick the color roses while he was at it lol! Really how could I not have him pick since it was his idea heee heee. As much as I would have loved to plant them right away, we did not get home till late from my parents house, as usual which for the record I love. When the weekend came I was more then ready to plant. But I made myself do the maintenance to the front yard first. Weeds needed to be pulled and plants needed to be trimmed. Thankfully I love the work and it did not take too long. The front yard has changed so much since I started that it makes me smile when I see it. 

Moving to the back yard was exciting. I placed the new plants in location, reviewed the sun/shade requirements to ensure they would be happy and got to planting. The ground was a bit hard because it was not getting watered since it was changed to drip line but that was ok. I watered the area with a sprinkler and worked on over maintenance in the mean time such as cleaning up the remaining branches from prunning the butterfly bushes and re working the drip line so all the plants are getting water. While working I noticed that my raspberry shortcake bush, which is a raspberry bush that is thornless and grows in a pot, was not getting enough sun so I moved it to a new home in the yard as well. Working in the yard is envigorating and exhausting exercise at the same time. I was a sweaty dirty mess when the weekend was done but progress it being made. 

I was not able to get everything done due to the heat but it was a great start. Only have 4 plants left to plant. One is still recovering in a pot from the first transplant so it might stay that way for a while.

Now I need Marmie to come visit so we can get some pots and then I need to start placing bark around the new flowers. For now I will content myself with the progress I have made and start working on growing some of my plants for seeds. Didn’t have much luck last time but that is not going to stop me from trying again.


Train Time August 11, 2016

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Donovan came up with Marmie for a weekend of fun. They arrived on Friday night and we went to Chevys on the river. While waiting for our table to be ready we went down to the docks and put our feet in the water to cool off. During dinner we enjoyed watching the boats and learning Spanish words.

He loves trains so Marmie got us tickets to ride the train in Old Town Sacramento. He was so excited and couldn’t wait for our ride

It was a relaxing ride and the Stewart .

After the ride one of the conductors was nice enough to take a picture with him.

Then we played on the way to the train museum where Ash met us.

}It was fun watching Donovan explore. I am so glad that we were able to spend the time together.


Marine World August 4, 2016

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For Father’s Day the family got together, almost all of us together. Just missing Ash because he was sick. It had been a long time since we were all together and doing something fun. Maureen and her family got their early with me. To distract the kids we went into the stores and played.

We still had time to kill so I paid for the kids to have their cartoonist pictures of themselves.

While they were being drawn we looked at the dolphins and took pictures in front of the fountain.

I was so happy to see the fountain was still there. Maureen and I took a picture in front of the fountain trying to mimic the photo we took there as kids.

We went to see the sting rays and the penguins.

Then I got the call that the rest of the family was arriving at the gate. So Keegan and I headed to the gate, taking so fun pictures.

We arrived at the gate first.

Finally they arrived.

We went all around seeing animals and butterflies.

We rode some rides.

It was a fun day.


Garden Swing Revival Start Time July 28, 2016

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I love the swing Jan and Jim gave us.


Although I think that it is past time the swing got a makeover. Wouldn’t you agree?

I went online and did some research, trying to find replacement pads for the swing. There were lots for 3 person swings but not may for a 2 person one. The first few I found were sold in the UK with no shipment to the US.

Frustrated, I turned to my Mom for assistance. She helped me come up with a plan.

  1. measure the size foam needed to replace pads
  2. order custom foam from futon shop
  3. measure the seat and canopy area for fabric
  4. select the fabric wanted to canopy and seat
  5. assemble

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well first step was to remove the pads so I removed the back pads while the swing was hanging. 

Then I removed it to get the bottom pads off.

Looks funny hanging with no pads now.


Now it is time to do all the shopping so that I can put it all together. Stay tuned for more details and the update on this project. I need to get Marmie here to help me so it might be a little while.




Revitalising Back Yard July 21, 2016

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Well, I shared with you that our Washington trip was cancelled and that the bark was on sale at Home Depot. I decided that since I needed to stay close to the house in case Ash needed me, but I wanted to be productive, it was time to rebark the back yard. I know that it has been a little less than 1 year since we got the load of free bark which the guys spread out across the yard, but it was time for new.

I found that I can fit 30 bags of bark in my car so I got it loaded and went home to work. Once I started to spread out the bark, I noticed a temperature change. the darkness of the bark was making the air feel cooler. After the first load of 30 bags was put out I had a corner of the yard done.

Second load almost finished the brown bark part of the yard but more black and brown were needed so I went back for three. I did not get it all put out because of my shoulder but I am proud of how much I did in the three day weekend.

Damion came over and emptied the remaining bags of bark from my car, placing them in the yard for easier spreading. No further work was done during the week because my shoulder needed rest and recovery. Then the following weekend I got it all finished, including mowing the small lawn and adding drip line to the new plants.

It is amazing to look back at how the yard looked when we moved it in comparison to now.


Succulent Fountain July 14, 2016

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Succulent fountain project finally got its start. After some searching I found some plants I wanted.

Now we wait to watch it spread and fill in!


Plans Changed July 8, 2016

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I hope that everyone had a good holiday weekend! The plans for our were changed. We never made it to the airport or to Washington. No whale watching… sad, I know!

Ash was sick, needed doctors care and lots of rest.

I did take advantage of the time at home by working on the back yard. The bark was on sale so I think you can guess what I was doing…. I will share the details soon as I am done.

In the mean time, Ash is feeling better and we are trying to plan a new trip to see his family.

Have a wonderful day and weekend everyone!!



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