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Preparing for Tuff Shed Installation February 4, 2016

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This year will be a year of bigger projects for us. We plan to enclose the garage and remodel the bathroom, plus replace the remaining windows. I immediately started planning the bathroom remodel (tiles, colors, etc.). I even had us going to Ikea to look at a new, more space smart vanity for the bathroom. It was at Ikea, sitting in the lobby, my wise husband pointed out a few couple things to me. One of the main things was that we have no place to put the items for the remodel before and while it is happening.

In order for us to have room for the remodel we need to clean out the garage. So, project 1 for the year: install a shed. Ash pulled out his phone and pulled up the Tuff Shed site. We sat together and created a quote for an 8’x10′ shred for the back yard. Once the quote was completed we stopped by Home Depot to compare sizing so that I could visualize the size we needed. Of course, I was not paying close enough attention to the quote we created or thinking about what I wanted it to look like so when it came time to review and order I had some changes to make. Much to Ash’s annoyance!

The shed we originally quoted did not include any ventilation and was plain. With my decorations and yard equipment being stored in there, a vent is mandatory so that fumes and heat to home build and become a safety hazard. Since I had to add that, I decided to add a couple more things to make it look give it more eye appeal to me. First I added the cross bars on the door because it reminds me of the old red barns I loved growing up. Next I added a small window and window box. This will add light inside when I am looking for something, give me breeze when I am in there for extended time organizing, and add some beauty to the size with pretty flowers.

Once I added those things, I told Ash not to ask me anything else and just to order it. So now it is time for me to prepare the yard for the installation. This is going to be a bit of a project. I decided to put it in the area fenced of for the dogs because there is more room without removing a tree or plants. Sadly there is a lot of toys and miscellaneous garbage to pick up because I have not been working in my yard due to my shoulder, but I am not going to let that detour me.

I went out and picked up as much debris and toys as I could. I knew that I still missed some dog debris but I could not see it in the grass. Then Ash and Damion moved the lawn and leveled the ground so it was ready for installation. Luckily there were no sprinkler heads needing to be capped off. Just a couple that are being turned into drip line in the spring. The men made sure to close the gate so that my dirt/mud loving dogs did not play in it and ruin the work the men did.


Working in the yard felt really good! I was intimidated and let’s be honest, scared to start again but I am so happy I did. The sense of accomplishment and contentment I feel when I am working in the yard and can see what I have done is beyond words. Bring on the spring, I am ready to do more!


More Doctors Office Adventures January 28, 2016

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January 1st my new medical insurance benefits started. New insurance = new doctors treating me. When I returned to work on the 4th I was released to work on light duty, because of light duty restrictions I had to scramble to get myself a new patient appointment with a new doctors office.

Last week I went to my new patient appointment to discuss all my medical and see how all my treatment was going to move forward…. shoulder, anxiety, etc. That was a JOKE! The appointment was supposed to be with the Doctor and I got he physicians assistant, which not bother me at first. What bothered me was her lack of concern for my health or past health history. We talked about my shoulder injury, weight, anxiety. As soon as she saw anxiety in my file all my symptoms were all in my head or caused by inactivity. I was so angry but like my Mom, sometimes I can’t vocalize it till later. She out me back to full duties at work and told me that I need to be sure to move my arm.

I called my old doctors office and asked if they could be my doctor again, even though thet were not listed on the website. Thankfully they told me yes so I can go back to getting real health care treatment again.


Exploring New Opportunity January 21, 2016

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I have worked for facilities for over two years now. Well, that is including my 4 month leave, so you may view it as less time. Anyways, I have been settling back into the work week routine. It has been an interesting experience so far because I am so much more aware of all the job tasks which I can’t do again yet. Before returning I wondered how it would work and how I would handle returning. Now I am armed with knowledge and ready to move forward.

Last week I applied for another position within my office and had my phone interview. The manager is based out of Atlanta so I am unsure what they next interview step will be or if I will move on to the next round. Due to my current duties I was forced to be late to my interview phone call. They seemed to understand and excuse the tardiness but I found that it was hard for me to read the interview. Being unable to see their facial expressions is a big challenge. I found that I started to doubt myself and by the end I had myself convinced it did not go well.

Thanks to a few of my amazing co-workers I now have some tools under my belt which will enable me to battle that inner negativity. With these new skills in hand and a higher confidence level, I am going to explore more opportunities for career advancement. I am looking forward to seeing where these new opportunity/experiences may take me. Keep your fingers crossed that I get another interview, even if it is for another position.



Puzzle Fun January 14, 2016

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While I was at home recovering from my injury I found some solace.


They were a wonderful past time because it took my mind off life and pain. I lost track of time and was in my own little world.

These are some of the puzzles I bought and put together. I can’t wait to get more and have some more fun, even if I am back to work.


Nail art of 2015 review January 7, 2016

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January 2015


March 2015


May 2015


July 2015


August 2015


September 2015


October 2015


November 2015

2015-12-02 11.03.582015-12-02 11.03.06

2015-12-02 11.03.40

December 2015


Finally Returning to Work December 31, 2015

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Next week, on Monday, I will be returning to work and I have some mixed feelings about it. I love my co-workers and the company I work for but I am worried that I will re-injure my shoulder at work. With this fear in mind I have decided to set my New Years Goals now. I have not been the best at New Years goals/resolutions in the past because most of the time I did not have something driving me to achieve them.

This time I am going to try a new line of attack. I started my goals this week before the new year officially starts.

  1. Strengthen muscles from injury
  2. Complete painting of the house interior
  3. Schedule time for crafting

Short list I know, but I think that it is better for me to start small this year. I started on number 1 in October but stopped going to the gym as much because I found an excuse. I was helping my neighbor clean out all the rooms and storage inside her house. Of course this was a bit of exercise it was not really doing anything for my shoulder because I was not using it. Now I am determined to rebuild the strength and mobility.

Painting the house and crafting may not seem like important items to you but they are to me. While I was on leave I wanted to spend time doing these things so that I could feel accomplished and happy. I did not do much so I found myself battling with depression. My neighbor and my husband noticed this change in me. My neighbors have offered to assist me with completing the painting. I am so grateful to them and I will do it because they will be here to support me and motivate me.

Growing up I watched my Mom do crafting all the time. At night while watching TV, at her ceramic shop, sitting my the campfire camping. It is been a huge part of my life and I value those memories. I know that there are some crafts that I don’t like to do alone, such as card making, so I am not going to try to do those. Instead I am going to work on things that I love to do even when alone.

Do you have any goals for 2016?


Merry Christmas December 25, 2015

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day filled with wonderful memories, family and friends!

Each year my parents may breakfast pizza for the family to enjoy on Christmas day. While it is cooking we take turns opening one item at a time so everyone sees all items opened. We go in age order from youngest to oldest. This year there will be a change to this wonderful memory because Kacie is joining us and she is the youngest.

Do you have a Christmas tradition or memory to share?



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