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Back Yard Revamp August 27, 2015

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When we did all the pipe replacement it left the yard a mess. Using the leaves from the neighbors yard we filled in a lot of the remaining holes.

Who would have thought that we would dig trenches and end up with less dirt then we started with.

There was still some dirt needed as the leaves for compated down. Thanks a lot to the dogs running over it ūüėä

We bought a 1/2 yard of top soil and stumped it into place. Then Ash started to restore the gate and fence for the dog pen.

 Our next step will be installing gravel. We decided that since the grass doesn’t grow on this part of the yard and we want to entertain more, gravel would look nice and make the yard look cleaner. We have a few things to do:

  1. Schedule gravel delivery
  2. Buy new
  3. Wheelbarrow 
  4. Build a fire pit
  5. Adjust sprinkler heads

We are excited to see this completed and I love seeing Ash planning the yard with me! 


Adventures in another yard August 20, 2015

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Tenants can ruin a house and its yards!!! My poor neighbors allowed their friends to live here for 12 years in exchange for house and yard work, which they never did. I mentioned before that I am volunteering my time and energy into cleaning up the yard. This is what the back yard looks like.


 This picture was taken after I filled the trash bin with leaves. You could not see that the yard had concrete. Now that I have started I feel the need to set some goals for myself:

  1. remove all leaves.
  2. make sure dirt is only in planters
  3. clean out hot tub
  4. Remove unwanted items
  5. Trim dead tree branches
  6. Use the stones.

First two steps are almost done so now it is time for step 4: dumps!

Started with the side of the house looking like this…

After 2 dump runs it looked like this

One more dump run and some sweeping leaves it looking like this 

Insert pic

I  still have more to do on the list but this is a start!


Back Yard Swing August 13, 2015

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Our neighbors have a swing in front of their house that needed to be recovered and re-homed.  

 We moved it to our back yard to give more seating for guests. It also gives me a nice place to read and rock in the shade. 

We can see the difference. Now I need to do some research on the cost of recovering vs replacing the cushions. I will share the finished product with you. Bye!


Living Fence Coming to Life August 6, 2015

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A few months ago we changed the fence line from blocking off my garden to a dog pen. The fence is made of wire and poles so it is not the most pleasing to the eye. I wanted there to be more eye appeal in the back yard because we would like to start using it for hosting guests.

My parents have passion flower and potato vine growing on their fence line so I took some of the potato vine plants from their house and planted them along our fence line. I know that  they will not grow and cover all the fence this year but they have made a start. 

 We also have some passion flower on the fence line. I had been battling to remove it from our yard but the boys liked it so I left it. 

 While I was writing this post I happened to notice a plant on the fence line I had not planted or known about. 


 I am pretty sure that it is a 4 o’clock which is exciting for me because I want them in our yards! I ca’t wait to see how the fence looks in the spring!


Patio is Improving July 30, 2015

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Last I shared with you we still had some cleaning up to do. It was challenging for us because the foster pup, Tank, kept getting into everything and breaking out of the dog pen.

To make the yard look cleaner I moved the firewood to the side of the house where my potted garden is and took down the greenhouse until I need it again. Then we moved the BBQs to the space where the green house was. Moving the BBQ pits now allows us to use them without worrying about power lines or branches overhead. To make the area a bit more functional I also added the bakers rack which can be used as a counter surface for utensils as needed.


Adding hanging planters with coral bells gave me some variation to the height of the patio and something to catch the eye.


In one corner of the patio I added a large pot with coral bells and hydrangea in it. It balances the flower I placed on the tile bar table on the other side of the patio.


We still plan to extend the patio and add some nice furniture but this is my compromise with myself until then.

Now I am off to try to make the dog yard fence more secure and give it some life.


Summer Vacation Crafting Adventures July 23, 2015

During my summer break from college classes I am determined to do some crafting. While in school I do not have time to do any of crafts. I decided to start with painting ceramics which is kind of like going back to the basics for me. I painted:

Napkin Rings




Piggy Bank


Welcome Sign with interchangeable insert



inserts for my canister set in the kitchen



Next I will be completing a cross stitch bookmark for myself, then working on completing quilts and printing pictures so that I can update my scrapbooks. Trying to get as much done as I can! =)


Plumbing Sucks! July 21, 2015

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When we put the grey water line from the laundry under gravel it stopped acting up, at least for a couple of days. Then it happened again with vengeance! OUr neighbor called in a favor and got a plumber our to our house a couple of weekends ago. He arrived on Friday night, took a look and started trouble shooting with my husband. On Saturday morning he was back out with more tools to test other options. By saturday afternoon we could not unclog the line so we made the plan to install new pipe from the kitchen to the sewage line from the bathroom to the main sewage line.

Step one was to dig out the trenches for the pipes:

IMG_2254 IMG_2253 IMG_2250 IMG_4118

It took a bit more digging then I have pictures for because we had to find the main line. We ended up with about 3 small holes and 1 large one that we did not need but we found the line.

Step two was to make sure that the trenches sloped down toward the main line:


Step 3 Break away concrete and install the pipes:


Step 4 attach new line to bathroom line:


Step 5 test the line and cry:


The pipe where the laundry line and the kitchen connect is leaking. It is not an installation error but small holes in the cast iron pipe. We are told that can be caused by draino being used because if it sits in the line it will eat the iron.

Step 6 Break away the stucco and fit the pipe:


Step 7 retest and pray:



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