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Creative Halloween Family Fun October 29, 2012

My family is a creative lot and we love finding new and fun things to do for the holidays. This past weekend I went  to Sonoma County to enjoy some fun with my Mom, sister Maureen, niece Keegan, nephew Donovan, adoptive sister Heather and adoptive niece Tay.

We baked two double layer cakes and loads of cupcakes. Some of the cupcakes and one cake we even added green food dye to so that it added a fun contrast when we ate them. There was sprinkles, candy corn pumpkins, loads of home-made frosting, Oreos, blow pops, melting chocolate in green & brown and candy eyes. Hmm wonder what we are making.

Here is what we created!

Monster Cake made using purple frosting and candy. We dipped blow pops in brown melting chocolate and using frosting gel to add candy eyes to it them scattered eyes around the cake for fun.

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes frosted in green frosting then rolled in sprinkles. Keegan and Donovan put all the decorations on top of the cupcakes. They were very proud and I agree that they should be!

It was so nice to have a cupcake idea that they could do at their young age.

Lastly, we killed the witches =D. My Mom took mini Oreos and frosted them together while Tay created chocolate shoes with another candy mold. We attached the shoes to the legs and laid the cupcakes in top of the legs. It was so much fun! Doing that gave me another idea too.

I made the legs sticking up out of the top of the cake and while I was doing that my Mom went into the garden and picked a plant to look like a broom stick.

We all laughed and had a good time!

My sister Maureen was not able to stay long so she missed most of this but she will be there for the next adventure in December. We will be doing something fun for the winter holidays. Can’t wait to see what we do!!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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