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Organization of Office Supplies November 2, 2012

Working with the team that I have at work is fun and affords me an outlet for some organization.

There is a storage room which was completely filled with everything under the sun and no organization. I organized the storage room as best I could but then I thought some more about the office.

Our office has some cabinets up front that were not being utilized so I went to work. Using the stackable bins in the storage room I was able to organize the cabinets by item.

Then using stack-able file bins I sorted all the file folders and paper by color on the counter for more efficient access.

Once everything was organized I used the label maker to label the cabinets and created a spreadsheet in excel, which I hung on the wall, so that anyone can find anything in the cabinets.

The only thing remaining in the storage room was a lot of 3 ring binders. I contacted the local high schools and Future Farmers of America to see if they had need. Happily they did and we were able to donate them all to a good cause.

Happy to have completed an organization project which will benefit so many people!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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