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Continueing Adventures Toward Homeownership November 5, 2012

On Saturday my husband and I went to look at another house. I think that it is a nice house and would be a start toward the home we dream off but to be honest after the first attempt, I am hesitant to get excited.

Luckily there was a pest report done on the house the week before so we knew what would need to be done in order to close escrow.

It is a two bedroom one bath with a flat roof so there is no central heat and air. A couple of walls have fake wood paneling on them but the yards and rest of the house looked clean.

On Sunday we made and offer on the house which included the seller paying for all the pest repairs needed.

My husband just called me to let me know that our offer was approved! Now time to order the home inspection and appraisal.

Keep your fingers crossed…

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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