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Creating Cards with Personality November 7, 2012

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Receiving a card in the mail for a holiday, birthday or just because is special to me. In fact I usually keep all the cards that I receive. Cards can brighten a persons day or reassure them that someone cares.

So if cards are so important and can make such an impact on a person, why not make them?

I am not the most craft person but my Mom taught be to be creative and play. We have always saved scrap paper and pretty pictures from magazines. You never know when you might need it or what you might use it for.

I got together with my best friend for a day of crafting. She worked on her scrapbook but I am caught up with my right now. I decided to try my hand at making cards.

We set out all the supplies that we had on the table and went to town, so to speak. The first card was not that great but after that I started to get into a groove and loved the cards that I made.

I used a color pattern design for the back and one edge of the card which attached to the front which was card stock. Then I added a pretty design.

My favorites are the ones that I made using leaves. I had a 12×12 scrapbook paper book that included a page with leaves all over it and it got ideas rolling. First I used a paper that looked like bark, then I cut out the leaves and playfully arranged them on the front of the card.

Making cards that can be used for multiple events opened up more ideas for me. Before I knew it I had been creating for hours and had a stack of cards to show for it. Just before we cleaned up I made one last Christmas card.

I used circles to create the shape of the tree then sorted through everything on the table to find decorations for the tree. Using a hot glue gun, I added the pipe cleaned for garland including candy cane decorations. The tree still did not seem complete so I added some white ink to look like snow. I attempted to add confetti as ornaments but they did not stay. Fortunately, it left behind a unique visual effect which I loved.

Well, off to find more crafting to do.

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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