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How Do You Keep Childhood Memorabilia Safe? November 19, 2012

My Mom keep a lot of things over the years, so that she could hand them to us when we were older. Things that we could share with the next generation. The collection had report cards, awards, important cards, pictures, and a few other things. How do you keep those memories safe?

I had mine in a plastic filing box under a table in my craft area. The box also had all of my sewing patterns and cross stitch patterns. My thought was that the box would keep them from getting bent, torn, lost or damaged. I could not have been more wrong.

Not thinking it would spill, I placed a bottle of carpet cleaner on top of the box. It was only temporary because I needed to use it to clean a rug that a kitten had destroyed. The kitten knocked the bottle over and a I was unaware for at least a week. So when I pulled the box out to get a cross stitch pattern for my newest Project Linus quilt I was devastated.

Ash helped me to separate all of the memories from Mom so I could dry them out and hopefully save them. We placed them out of towels on the floor. Some of the things I did not even know I had or remember that I had.

Cards from family and friends including one from my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Gradek. There was the picture of my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Cirner holding my sister and I on the porch when I was an infant. Also the picture of my Dad and Uncle Chris.

So now I am really stumped as to how I am going to keep it all safe. I could only come up with one idea. Scrapbook all the memories.

I went online and found this album and ordered all the supplies I needed to ensure I could complete the whole project. My Mom came into town and helped me put all of the memories in date order and I spent the entire day following completing the album.

Now I can breathe a bit easier knowing that they are preserved and safe. I even had to smile when I placed the album on the shelf and noted just how many albums I now have and how far I have come since I started scrapbooking!

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One Response to “How Do You Keep Childhood Memorabilia Safe?”

  1. Sliced Science Says:

    Great idea! I smiled when I saw the photo of the plastic box, because that’s how I keep my own memorabilia. Scrapbooking really brings back all the good ol’ memories

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