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Packing with Labeled Boxes November 26, 2012

Last week I mentioned the steps we take for moving preparation, oh all right, the steps I take =)

The first was to collect banana/apple boxes from your local grocery store and the second was to create labels for the boxes. There is a reason I prepare this way.

The banana or apple boxes from the store is another way to recycle. The store would break them down and send them out to be recycled but they can get one more use out of them by you first. Fruit boxes make moving easier because they are all a uniform size, which makes loading the truck easier.

Plus they have handles which make them easy to carry and they have a lid so there is no need to use packing tape to close the box.

When creating the labels I do not do anything fancy. I take a pad of paper, tape and a permanent over to the stack of boxes. On each box I take one sheet of paper or two sides. Taking the permanent I write across the top of both sides the room and underline it. Once I have what I feel is a good amount of boxes labeled I start packing. Again using the pen I write a list of each item I pack into the box.

Because we are getting ready to move into our first home I have been reading other people’s blogs to try to get some other ideas. I found a wonderfully written blog called I am an Organizing Junkie about packing by Stacey Agin Murray, professional organizer and owner of Organized Artistry, LLC titled Organizing a Move. In the article she talks about labeling the books by room. She also talks about a good way of making out the packing. I recommend you read it.

I start packing in one room and do not move on to packing the next room till I have finished. I usually start in the living room area because generally that has a lot of stuff and some of it does not even belong there. So by starting in the living room you can move the items to the correct room which will save you from having it end of in the whole room when you are unpacking.

Seems like a lot of work I know, but think about it this way… If you have not unpacked everything and there is something specific you are looking for you will be able to locate the box it is in by reading the lists on all boxes in a stack. It also has the benefit of helping direct anyone who is helping you to move identify which room to stack the boxes in.

I have found that the packing might take me about 5 minutes longer but it helps take a good amount of time off the unloading/unpacking process.

Now for creating the layout of each room. Stay tuned!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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