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Preparation of Room Layouts November 30, 2012

Some people like to move in and rearrange the furniture till it looks right and others like to have it all planned out… I am the later!

In the past I have always walked the room trying to visualize where I will put everything and it has not always worked out so well. Then I found a wonderful tool on the Better Homes and Gardens website called arrange-a-room. We went to the new house and measured the width and length of the rooms. Then measured the width and length of each piece of furniture. Each measurement is needed to get an accurate layout of the room because arrange-a-room lets you change the dimensions of the room width and length, window size, and the furniture width and height.

Arrange-a-room allows you to a room shape than change the measurements to match those of the room you are trying to envision. Once the room dimensions are correct you can place the windows, doors and furniture. Be sure to adjust the measurements of each item added to that the layout is correct. Print the layout of each room so that you can tape it to the door of each room on move day.

This is a playful arrangement for a master that I did.

This arrangement is not for our new house but it was fun to play. I have all the arrangements for the new house printed and ready to tape to the doors this week so that we are ready for the move on Saturday! I am so excited!!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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