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Success!!!! Move Complete!! December 3, 2012

Bright and early on Saturday morning, okay not that early it was about 8:30am, my parents arrived to help us move. Dad and I went to get the Uhaul so we could get started. By around 10am we had the first load in the Uhaul loaded and we were ready to take off but we stopped to enjoy some donuts and milk =)

We arrived at the new house and started unloading. I directed where things were going because I am generally not allowed to help move. I have a tendency to get hurt while doing anything so moving is a bad luck area for me. Although I had some help the couple of days before when I was taking over some boxes to the new house and unpacking them.

After the first load was unloaded my Mom, Sherry and I stayed back to start unpacking while the guys went for another load. We had pretty much unpacked half of everything when they returned with the next load.

By 3pm that afternoon we had returned the Uhaul and unpacked 80% of the house. I decided it was a good time to treat my Mom to a pedicure and Dad stayed behind to work on some minor house projects for me. I am spoiled to have the parents I have!

Sunday morning the power went out at 5am and was not due to come back on for a few hours due to the storm. My parents still needed to drive home so we decided to do our trip to Home Depot for a new microwave hood vent, washing machine and door locks. The washer was not planned but my husband and I learned a lesson, never lay down a washing machine to move it!

Despite the storms that were hitting the area I think that we had a good move weekend. I would even say that the move itself was stress free, but the storm defiantly was not stress free!

Now that we have everything unpacked it is time for Christmas decorating. Luckily my Dad put up the tree for me on Saturday so I get to decorate it!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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