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Lesson on Moving a Washing Machine Learned December 11, 2012

When Ashlin and I started house hunting my mind starting doing a list of things that we might need. Of course a washing machine and dryer were on this list. I did some shopping online and did not realize before then the variety and the prices of them. Luckily I found a set for sale on craigslist for $100. Yes the set for $100! At first we were hesitant because you never know what condition the machines will be. The gentleman was understanding of this and let us check to be sure the washing machine worked.

Satisfied we paid for them and arranged to pick them up the next day. We did not have access to a truck so my best friend Crista borrowed her Dad’s van for us. The washing machine and dryer did not fit standing up so we laid them down. Bad Move!! Little did we know we broke the washer in doing this.

We were unaware of this until we had moved into the new house and Dad hooked everything up. He turned it on to run it, clean it, double-check everything for us. The machine filled with water and stopped. STOPPED! No Spin! Oh man this is not good!!

We went the next morning to Home Depot and ordered a new washing machine. So they delivered the new washing machine yesterday and took away the old one.

Note to self and anyone who did not already know this, Do Not Lay Down a Washing Machine! Expensive mistake but lesson learned. Now time to go get caught up on laundry.


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