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Decorating Small White Bathroom December 12, 2012

In the rental house we have a small bathroom with really did not have much room for anything. We are excited to have an average size bathroom now. I am also excited about having a bath tub again!

Unpacking and setting up the bathroom was a process. First I hung the shower curtain and mildew resistant microfiber shower curtain liner. My parents bought one for the main bathroom and it is amazing. It can get stained but it is machine washable. Hooray! No more scrubbing a plastic liner for me!

The decorative shower curtain is part of a set I received as a gift. The set also includes a cup, toothbrush holder, soap dish, tissue box cover and trash can. The design is a pretty clover pattern in shades of green. It also has slight hints of brown and grey in the shadowing of the leaves. We have green and grey towels to match.

Since we both like Irish, Scottish and Celtic knots I added a white and green shamrock to the wall. The cabinet under the sink is deep and has a good amount of space for all of our supplies but eventually we may need to add some drawers or baskets for organization.

My husband wants to set out his shaving kit since he shaves every morning before work. The cabinet above the toilet has an open shelf at the bottom and the top. I bought him a basket to keep his kit in and the basket fits perfectly on the bottom shelf.


We added a free-standing mirror with a basin around the bottom to the sink counter so that he can keep his brushes there.


It is a neat kit and so far I like the way he has displayed it but what can I say, I am already looking at how I can improve it to get is more space.

This is our bathroom with lively green and comforting grey.


Now to go shopping for some wall color to reduce the white and make it look bigger.

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