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Create Your Own Recipe Book December 14, 2012

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Have you ever gone online and searched for new recipes? Do you have a stack of printed recipes? Have you ever been given a recipe card at a party of from a family member?

Over the years I have been given cook books for a variety of different foods. I have also searched online and printed all the recipes that I tried and liked. Now I have a stack of recipes sitting across the top of the cook books in the kitchen. It is a mess and I need to come up with a better method. What shall I do?….

EUREKA! I have it! My Grandma gave me an 9×12 expandable photo book with clear pages included. The pages hold five 4×6 recipe cards.  You could also use a binder then purchase the refill pages from stores such as Michael’s or Joann’s.

I took all the recipes that I already had on cards and inserted them into the book. Then I took all the ones that I printed and hand wrote them onto recipe cards. I did run out of cards so some of them I wrote on white index cards.

Now that is all cleaned up, what am I going to do with all the books. Each book has the page markers sticking out so I can find the few recipes that I wanted to keep. But the binding on the books is starting to get worn out because some of these books have been passed down through the family. I took out the stack of books and took my time writing all the recipes that we page marked onto recipe cards.

Now all my recipes are in one place. If you have a lot of recipes you can buy the divider tabs and glue them onto your pages. This way you can sort the recipes into sections such as appetizers, party punches, entries, dessert, etc.

I love my new recipe book and how it has improved my cooking experience. The recipe cards stay cleaned the book lays open flat and stays open. Such an improvement!

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One Response to “Create Your Own Recipe Book”

  1. Kellie Meyers Says:

    I have been meaning to do this with all of mine

    Have a Scentsational Day Kellie Meyers Scentsy Consultant

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