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Stumped on Rearrangement of Spare Room December 21, 2012

Have you ever had a vision of how you wanted a room to look, get the furniture all in place then find that it does not work?

Well I have now experienced that. I was setting up some of the last remaining areas in the spare/craft room and I was happy with it until I went to plug-in the computer….

There is only one outlet on the side of the room and it is only a two prong outlet. I need a three so I can have it set up on a surge protector. Now looking at the room I realize that I am going to have to rearrange most of the room. I mean of course I could wire in a new outlet there that looks like a grounded outlet but isn’t but I do not want to do that because the outlet is not broken.

When you walked in you saw this

Spare Room 1

Futon couch with crafts piled on it. Then if you turned around, you saw…


Craft table on the left (at the time used for village) and on the right you had a cabinet with drawers on bottom and shelves on top next to a dresser with the computer desk in the window.

To be honest I really was not thinking about height in the room. In all my plans I honestly did not consider how do it would look if I had all the tall furniture together in one area of the room.

Okay so for some people it might not look odd but to me it does, but what am I going to do?

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3 Responses to “Stumped on Rearrangement of Spare Room”

  1. Kellie Meyers Says:

    You can get an attachment for the plug.

    Have a Scentsational Day Kellie Meyers Scentsy Consultant

    • Colli Says:

      I have not been able to find an attachment for the plug to convert it from 2 to 3 prong. I was also taught that even if an attachment it used, it will still not be a grounded outlet which we need for the electronics. But for anyone else, that might be a good option. Thanks Kellie

  2. lista de emails Says:

    awesome post…thanks for posting.

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