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Happy Holidays Everyone! December 25, 2012

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The holiday season is a wonderful time for family and memories. Although sometimes it can also make us tired. So many family gatherings and parties with friends to attend.

Among all this time and parties, I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

The last couple months I have gone through a lot of family memories and smiled. One thing that I really had not paid as much attention to was just how many traditions our family has at Christmas plus how many are still the same now as they were growing up. Let me share with you!

Growing up Christmas was always a wonderful time of the year of us. We had the family Christmas parties on both sides of the family and our own family traditions. Christmas Eve we would do dinner at my Grandma and Grandpa Boyle’s house then come home to open one gift before bed. It was always so much fun to search under the tree for the one present you wanted to open! My brother Shamus would open first, then me, then my sister Maureen. Always in age order =)

Christmas morning everyone stayed in bed until Dad was awake. You did NOT want to be caught out of bed early by the grizzly bear who needed coffee LOL!!! Once we hear him we would come out the the living room and claim our place for the day. Dad was always sitting my the fire. Looking back I still do not know if it was so that we could throw wrapping paper at him or if it was to be in charge of the fire so no one else would touch it =).

When everyone was awake and in the living room, everyone being Mom, Dad, Shamus, Maureen, Grandma Anna and me, we would pass out the Christmas presents. Then Shamus would open the first present. We always opened on present per turn going from youngest to oldest. This made the day stretch out and allowed everyone to enjoy the opening of each gift!

We would stop at around umm I would guess 10am aka when the timer for food went off! My parents and Grandma Anna would make breakfast pizza every year on Christmas morning. It was and still is SOOOO goood!!!!! nom nom nom!! After brunch was cleared and dishes done we would return to the living room and pick back up with opening presents.

Most of that is still how we celebrate Christmas but with some slight changes. Once we were all adults we started to draw names around Halloween. The name you drew was the only person in the family you shopped for. The goal was to have fun filling the stocking with items that person would like. This year I got my Dad! Sometimes the stocking can be a challenge but we defiantly fill them with love. In the afternoon on Christmas day when we are done opening we all go to the movies together. This year we are going to see Les Mis. Sorry I can not spell the actual title and that is what my family called the Andrew Lloyd Webber play.

Please share any of your memories and traditions! But above all…Enjoy this time of year and Merry Christmas!!


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