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New Year’s Comes Again! December 31, 2012

It is almost time to ring in the new year once again! Where the year has gone, who knows.

What does New Years mean to you? Does it mean an all night celebration? Does it mean resolutions which you may or may not keep?

When I was younger I watched a movie about Rudolph and Baby New Year. I know Rudolph! Who would have guessed it, right?!?!? Anyways, it was about the new baby being the successor to Father Time. Each year he passed the responsibility to the next baby. It is a fun way to view the changing of the years.

New Years to me means a the gift of time! Time to enjoy more of life! Of course I  have done and still do the new year resolutions. In the past I have even been able to achieve one of two. This year I get to broaden my horizons on which resolutions I pick. Should I include some about completing certain home projects?

What resolutions will you make for yourself? How will you be welcoming in the new year?

However you may be ringing in the year, I wish everyone a safe and happy night! Happy New Year!

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