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Creating Pillow Stuffing January 7, 2013

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Everyone has clothes that get stained and/or holey, but what do you do with them? Sure you can make rags for cleaning but eventually those even get too worn out. I have an idea!

Take all the old rags, holey socks and clothes, be sure they are clean of course, and place them in a bin. Every night when you are watching TV or listening to a book on CD, take them and cut them into small squares.

I started listening to a book on CD at night after dinner and cutting up the scraps. Currently, I have half of a kitchen trash bag full right now.


Although I need a lot more, it is not as much as you would think. Once I have enough stuffing cut up I will sew the pillow covers and buy a bag of the bean bag filler. The filler is sold at places like Kmart for about 12-20 dollars.

When filling the pillow covers make it half bean bag and half cut-up stuffing. This will prevent the pillow from becoming to heavy. Instead of the bean bag stuffing you could use the cotton pillow stuffing from craft stores. I prefer the bean bag filler because it does not bunch up the way that cotton can do.

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One Response to “Creating Pillow Stuffing”

  1. Thanks! I wanted to do something like this, but wasn’t sure if it would work. I’m so glad you took the time to share your experience. I have a heap of burlap coffee bags, and I’m wondering if I can shred those to use as filling. Now I have the courage to try it out.

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