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Creative Fun Work Out… Country Line Dancing January 11, 2013

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When I still lived in Sonoma County I used to go dancing at Kodiak Jack’s in Petaluma. My sister Maureen took me there when I was 18 and we would go twice a week. Then as I got older it was once a week because otherwise I was tired for work LOL! Not good to be tired at work! When I moved to Sacramento area a few years ago I wanted to find a place to start dancing again but I did not know where to start especially with not knowing which areas were safe to be in alone… eeek!

Recently the club that I used to dance at closed and it got me thinking about dancing again. When I was dancing I was staying is good shape because it is good exercise. Sadly I put on weight in the last couple years from not being active enough. After almost giving up hope I finally got a friend or two to agree to go dancing with me but still had no idea where to go. Looking online it looks like the only place around to go is Stoney Inn also called Stoney’s Rockin’ Rodeo. One of my managers at a previous job, a good friend too, told me that she goes there and it is a blast!

They have dance lessons and Dj country line dancing almost every night. I am looking forward to going but also dreading it. I am quite out of shape and don’t know if they will be doing any dances that I know. I have the habit of staying on the dance floor and dancing till my feet hurt… but I set a goal for myself to go down 3 pant sizes by October 2013. So I need all the exercise and dancing good times that I can get because I am going to reach this goal!

Wish me luck! I am going dancing tonight. I will let you know how it goes.


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