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Is There Space for A Vanity in Here? January 21, 2013

Before we bought our house we were renting a house with friends. It was a nice size 4 bedroom house and we had the master bedroom. I had dreamed of having a vanity to sit at in the morning to get ready for work. Since we had the room I got an old desk from my parents and bought a mirror from Good Will and set up my vanity.


The bedroom in our home is smaller so there was no room for the desk and I gave it to the old roommates to keep since they needed an extra desk. Now I am back to square one.

How do I create a vanity in our small room and not lose all the walking space?

Ashlin and I were talking about it one night and he came up with an idea. He offered to mount a 2×6 to the wall so I could use that as a vanity. My husband is so sweet! He will help me to plan just about anything, even though he may not fully understand why I want or need it. I am so spoiled! ….. I know I am a goshy happy newly wed =)

So with the idea in mind I started to try to plan out exactly what I would need and where I wanted to put it.  One 2×6 would have probably worked but I wanted to use the two baskets that I had already organized my makeup and hair supplies in but how could I accomplish this?

I started looking online for ideas and I found this photo.


That is what I am looking for!! Now all I have to do is decide the location and write down the measurements of what I want.

Stay tuned to see the project continue…

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One Response to “Is There Space for A Vanity in Here?”

  1. dancechinadoll Says:

    I’m always looking for good ideas on how to maximize space. I live in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, and I have a vanity, but it is covered with his stuff so I don’t have room to sit down and do my makeup. Great ideas!

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