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Old Couch Cushions Used for New Purpose January 23, 2013

On December 5, 2012 I talked asked about what to do with old couch cushions? . I did some research online and found loads of ideas but I found one that works best for our household.

My dog Dixie had an injury to her back leg and hip a few years ago and feels better when she sleeps on a softer surface. I fully admit that I spoil her but it is honestly wonderful to not hear her whimper in pain the morning by giving her a soft place to sleep. With that in mind I decided to build her a dog bed for her continued comfort.

Dixie likes to sleep stretched out and since she is pretty good size dog I decided that I need to make the bed length two cushions long. First I tried laying one large cushion and one of the smaller ones together but it made the bed slant and she always ended up sliding off one end of the other. So I took the two large cushions and removed the original covers that were on them.

We had some old twin size grey sheets that were not being used so I laid out the  sheet and placed the cushions on top so that I could get some accurate measurements.Dog Bed Cover Start

The sheet just fit with no real need for cutting. This is a happy thing for me because things have been a bit rough at our home since we moved in. so Hooray for things going my way!!! =)

I considered using spray adhesive to glue the sheet as the new cover of the cushions but decided against it. My dog loves to roll in the dirt. My parents had her for the past three years due to housing rules in California… ggggrrrr I really do not like that there is such discrimination against certain breeds of dogs… Sorry venting a little there. During the time that my parents had her they lovingly nicknamed her “Miss Piggy” or “Pigpen” LOL! So gluing the cover to the cushions would eliminate any chance I would have of washing it when she makes a mess of it.

Instead I used sewing pins to mark out where I needed to sew the end and sides to seal the cover. Once it as all pinned it was time to sew and turn it right side out. Then with the help of Ash, we put in the cushions and the cover was complete.
We set it on the ground with the open end folded under.

Dog Bed Cover Complete

Now that the bottom is done I am going to use the smaller cushions to make an edge to go between her and the way. I mentioned that she likes to get dirty well she also like to rub against the wall as she slides onto her bed. My parents have to repaint some of their walls to remove the dirt stains. You can certainly tell where her favorite places to sleep were. Sorry Marmie!!

I think that I might need to look into using the smaller cushions for a back piece so she does not rub the wall getting comfy on her bed. I am pleased with it so far and can not wait to continue making improvements!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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