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Time to Relax and Enjoy Life January 25, 2013

Life gets busy and before you know it time flies past you. That is how it has felt lately for me. Between purchasing our first house and moving into it the past three months are a blur.

Ash is having a minor procedure done so I think that it is time for us to take a small break from everything but relaxing with each other. Time to watch a movie and cuddle. Time to read in front of the fire. Time to cook together and try new recipes. Time to be thankful that we found each other. Thankful to have our lives to share. To go and see family we love for a relaxing intimate visit like we will be the next weekend.

Winter brings rain to our area. Ashlin and I love listening to the rain! Sometimes there will even be a thunder and lightning storm. Those are like natures symphony with a light show rivaling a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.

We may not get any more rain this year but i could not resist sharing that song….So enjoy the season any way you want! Make the most of it whether it be snowboarding or making gingerbread houses. Enjoy family and friends!

I will be back to blogging of my adventures in a couple of weeks!


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