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Unplanned Painting February 6, 2013

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My husband and I were enjoying some relaxing time at home. OK well relaxing is not the correct term for it, recovering is more accurate for him. Ash had a minor surgery last week and I stayed home to take care of him. Oh boy was it hard to go back to work on Monday after being home for so long. After being so close to my dream of being a stay at home wife…… rambling, sorry!

On Tuesday morning I decided to do a small project in our room. I had a night stand next to my side of the bed that I was not using to it fullest potential. I went to move it away from the way and found that it was stuck to the wall with mold. Yuck!! Seriously, mold already!!! We just bought the house!

After a few minutes of freaking out and then taking deep breaths to calm myself I called Marmie to ask for advice and direction. I emailed pictures to my Dad, the carpenter and wonderful fix all – create all person, to find out if it was going to be an easy fix of a big project. Happily it ended up being something that I could do myself. I cleaned the walls and nightstand with a bleach & water solution a couple of times then waited a couple of days to see if the mold would return. When I was cleaning the mold off the wall the paint was just chipping away. This meant that I was going to be painting our bedroom a LOT sooner than planned!

I went to Home Depot and got a variety of Behr color swatches that I liked. Then I had Ash pick from those. My thought was that if I liked it and he picked it, we both would agree on the color in a more timely fashion.

We selected a blue combination  for the walls and trim. The walls are going to be Arctic Blue and the trim will be Enchanted Evening. Choosing paint colors from a printed chart does not always work the best for me so I bought samples of the paint and painted a small section of the wall and trim to be sure that the color was what we envisioned.

The color looked great! Ash was a bit worried that they room might look a bit dark once it was all painted. After consideration and debating we went for it!

My Mom told me that Behr semi-gloss  paints with the paint mixed in with the primer. Having the paint and primer combined makes for less coats of paint so I decided it was worth the extra cost. So with paint, roller set, painters tape and drop cloth in hand I headed home to start painting.

First thing that I did was moved all the furniture from the wall I was going to paint first. Once that was done I took down all the pictures and patched all the wholes. While the patched holes were drying I spread out the plastic drop cloth and taped off my  first wall.

First Wall

I got about half the room done. I know that it does not look like it from the picture but one wall of our room is all closet so it does not really need much paint. I was also being  thorough by completing two coats of paint on the wall before moving to the next wall.

Stay tuned for the finish of the painting project!


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