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Adventures in Painting Land Continued… February 11, 2013

Filed under: Adventures in Project Land — Colli @ 8:00 am

Did I mention last week that this painting project was started due to finding mold on the walls? Well if I did not, let me fill you in…

We found mold on one wall and the paint peeled away back to the sheet rock so we had to clean, repair and seal the wall. This brought us to painting the room, which I have started but not completed. Are we all caught up now?… <sigh> Good!

This weekend I had plans of completing the paint job because I was not able to work on it before then. Saturday morning we are laying in bed and I notice an odd shadow. Ash got up to look at it and found that it was a paint bubble. Hmm, well ok then. He tried to peel the bubble away and when it was done peeling it looked like this.

peeled ceilingWell ummm that was unexpected! I guess it is a good thing that I was not done with the walls yet! Ash helped me move the bed away from the wall so we could paint the remaining walls and we found more surprises…. Yup, the fun continues….

We found some mold on the wall and noticed that a couple of the outlet plates were covering open holes where it used to be wired. One even went through to the outside of the house. Straight through the stucco. <face palm>

Surprises are so overrated right now! Back to work we went. I cleaned the wall, sealed the wholes and got back to painting. Ash sealed the wholes on the outside of the house to avoid future problems especially since there is NO insulation in the wall! Fun right!! LOL After letting the dry I started taping off and painting some of the trim on the walls painted last weekend. I was pleased with the results so far.

We left the room alone to completely dry after putting two coats of paint on everything that we had done that day. It was time for a drink! When we returned I went to Home Depot and go the spray on spackle to start repairing the peel for this morning. It has to dry for 2-5 hours so I went back to painting trim. I was moving along at a good pace, singing to music ……Then it happened….the one thing that I dread more than anything when painting…. I stepped wrong coming down from the step stool, slipped on the drop cloth and spilled a quart of trim paint on the carpet!!! No I am not kidding although I wish that I was!

Ash was not upset at all when he came in to help me clean up but I was a bit mad at myself. Have you ever done something on accident and got mad at yourself for it?

After getting it cleaned up I called it a day and went to relax for a bit. On Sunday I finished the trim and started to put the room back together. I must say that I am happy with the colors. Temporarily I placed a small rug over the stained carpet to hide it because it bothers me to see it. So tonight after work I am off on a new adventure, shopping for an area rug to put in the room. Hopefully I will find one that fits the vision we have for the room. Keep those fingers crossed for me please!


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