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Creating a Bar Area February 13, 2013

Ashlin has talked about having a bar area even before we owned a home. So when we were setting up the living room/dining room area we added a place for it.

Our bedroom did not have enough room for our dressers because one whole wall was closet. We used his dresser in the dinning room as a bar top area. It looks good and now we have space below for bottles and misc glasses that we did not want to be sitting out.

Bar AreaBut it did not seem complete. Ash talked about needing a place for aging beer bottles where they could stand and not be in daylight. We talked about adding a cabinet and some shelves above the bar. He did some shopping online and could not find what he liked. I asked him if any of the shelves looked like a fit because we can always make doors for the cabinet. This gave him renewed though and back to searching he went. He found shelves that match the bar cabinet (previously his dress) at IKEA. Before we actually went to IKEA I had an idea which would be more thrifty.

The white hutch in the spare/craft room had broken drawers so it was ackward to use but the shelves at the top are in good condition…

White Hutch

I know it does nt look like it because the paint is pretty bad =) Why not use the shelves as the launching point for the bar cabinet!

Ash was happy with this idea so I went to work emptying the cabinet and moving it out to the garage. Now it is time to get all the supplies and give the shelves a new life.

I can not wait to get started and share this project with you!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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