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Starting a Garden Phase 1: Planning February 15, 2013

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Growing up my parents always had a huge garden. I used to complain when I was younger and had to work in it because I was a child and did not understand the value of the experience. Over the years my parents have perfected the garden although they are still looking for ways to make further improvements.

Parents gardenWhen I moved to the Sacramento area to be with my husband, boyfriend at the time, I honestly did not know just how much I would miss helping my parents in the garden. Enjoying a cup of coffee watering and tending to it before the heat arrived.

Now Ashlin and I have our first home and I think that it is time I try my hand at gardening. Luckily I am blessed with the parents that I have because they are willing to come and help me start the garden.

We will be using raised garden boxes for the garden and each box will be about 12×3 with walk ways between. Our yard is a pretty good size but not all of it will be used for the garden. We plan to expand the back of the house so I am leaving the area that will be used for that untouched right now. So time to get started with some planning because spring is approaching.

In order to plan out the garden correctly and not go over board with my hopes of grandeur I have decided to plan everything out on paper first.

The things that I need to plan are:

  1. What will the layout of the garden be?
  2. How many boxes fit in the layout?
  3. How many plants fit in each box?
  4. What vegetables/herbs/fruit do I want to grow?
  5. Where will I buy the seeds/plants and supplies?
  6. What is the estimated cost of starting the garden?

Not that I have this starting point I can get started and keep myself reined in =) LOL! I am so excited about our garden that I can not wait to get my hands dirty. Which is quite a change for me because if you knew me when I was younger, I really did not like working in the garden at all. LOL! Oh how we grow up and mature, learning to value things more. Or at least I have.

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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