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Starting Back Patio Make-over February 18, 2013

Growing up my parents were always working on and changing the back yard to make it into a colorful oasis. I have been fascinated watching them and seeing it evolve. Then I started to reading Better Homes and Gardens dreaming of the back yard oasis I could create one day.

Well that oasis is finally about to start!!

Our home has a covered patio outside the backdoor and it is the perfect size for back yard entertainment. We already have some furniture for the patio. There is the tile table with stools which can be used as a cooking surface next to the bar or to eat a meal at, the couch with cushions and a tile bench which my parents made.

Now I just have to get them arranged how we like them.

Porch Arrangement 2

Porch Arrangement

Since we just moved in and it is still to wet out to do any yard work. I have some potted plants that are growing bigger but not to colorful right now but I placed them on the patio so when they blume in spring it will add wonderful color.

The patio has a built-in light on a dimmer so we can have control over the lighting but I am thinking that some special lighting might be a nice addition. I have some outdoor christmas lights that I have been saving over the years. There are not enough of them to decorate a house during the holidays but I think that there should be enough to hang around the patio. But that is a project for another day!

We think that this is a good start to the backyard! I can not wait till spring to get started landscaping the yard and bringing it to life!

Check back in the spring to see updates on our back yard entertainment and landscaping adventures!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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