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Successful Weekend! February 25, 2013

The weekend was a blast!! We spent the entire day at thrift stores all over Sonoma county. We all found thinks that we wanted but I ended up getting the most LOL!

The first place we went was Linton Springs Salvation Army in Healdsburg. My Mom got a wicker glass top table to place outside by the fire pit. It was defiantly needed because we had no place to put drinks without fear of the falling over. This coming weekend I will be over at their house again so I will take pictures and show you the relaxing area with the new table.

Linton Springs is where I got that majority of my treasures. There is such a wide range of things that they have there. You can find almost anything that you are looking for including full sets of china and used cars. My bags were filled with clothes for work, a new purse, divided wooded crate, laundry drying rack, books and so much more.

I got the divided crate because immediately I knew what I wanted to do with it and how wonderful it would look in my house. The crate was only $5 if you can believe that! Ash and I are going to mount it to the wall in the bathroom. I will share more on that including pictures when we get it completed.

Among the other thrift stores I found cross stitching supplies and a project for one of my husband’s birthday presents. We also went into Joann’s so I got fabric to make decorative pillows for the bed. Sadly, I did not find the fabric for my kitchen project or fabric to complete the tie pillow project but there is plenty of time and loads of fabric stores still left top explore!


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