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Planning the Menu & Grocery Shopping List March 1, 2013

Eating healthier is the plan! Losing weight and being healthier is the goal!!

Budgeting, planning menus and planning a grocery shopping list are not on my list of strengths. In the spirit of bettering myself and strengthening my weaker points I am determined to get better!

Ash and I decided on a food budget so that every two weeks I am prepared to stay in budget. But where should I start planning? Should I start with the menu first? Or should I start by planning the food that we are going buy?

I know that this is going to be a work in progress for a while but I was proud of myself on last Friday night!!! After work I went to Costco and met Crista for food shopping. She was running a bit behind so I pulled out my phone and made a list of the things that we needed and what we ate the most. To me this was the start of creating and planning a shopping list. With this list I also gave myself a chance to see if I could stay on budget.

Using the calculator on our phones we started to keep track of the food that I was buying. for example: I grabbed broccoli which was about $3.59 each. I entered $4 into the calculator to include room for taxes. By the time we got to check out I had a cart loaded with vegetables, meat, fruit and milk. No pasta or bread or encouraged to avoid in the Paleo diet. PLUS…. I stayed $100 under budget!!!!

I was so happy with the progress that I made I decided to say the remaining food budget money and use it to buy the first plants of our garden. Hey it is food related right!?!

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