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Change in Gardening Plans March 7, 2013

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Sometimes all the planning does not make things happen……Last month I talked about starting the planning for our garden. I have the steps all planned out.

I had planned to:

  1. What will the layout of the garden be?
  2. How many boxes fit in the layout?
  3. How many plants fit in each box?
  4. What vegetables/herbs/fruit do I want to grow?
  5. Where will I buy the seeds/plants and supplies?
  6. What is the estimated cost of starting the garden?

Now things have changed a bit for us due to budgeting.

New plan:

  1. Count how many empty large garden pots we have to use.
  2. Buy planting soil and seedlings from Home Depot.
  3. Plant the seedlings in the pots (one each pot).
  4. Place pots in the yard to get ample sun.
  5. In one corner of the yard, start digging up all the grass.
  6. Once grass is all removed, borrow/rent and till the back yard.
  7. Using original garden layout, build garden boxes and put them in place.
  8. Transplant potted plants to garden beds.

Right now the potted garden consists of 5 pots but it will be growing every couple of weeks.

Potted Veggie  Garden

I can not wait to start picking!!!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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