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Functional Living Room Space March 13, 2013

In our house the living room is combined with the dining room. This made it a bit odd for me to arrange and decorate.

Living Room

Since I was a teenager I had been collecting furniture so that when I ended up living in a house I would have furniture and not have to buy it all at once. Unfortunately some of the pieces that I was given were on the bulky side so when we moved into a small house they made it feel smaller and cramped as you can see from the picture. Of course in the picture I have the christmas tree up. I forgot to take pictures of the room before the changes, but to help visualize the recliner is now where the tree was.

One day I was sitting in the living room reading, or trying to. Truth be told I was staring off into space and thinking about how to improve the room. The chair I was in faced the windows looking out into our front yard. I noticed that the wall felt bare but there was not much space to do anything with it. First I thought that we should build bookshelves into the wall so that we could use the space more effectively.

But then on one trip into Home Depot I found the shelves that I wanted! Home Depot carries the Martha Stewart stackable 9 cube shelves.

9 cube storage shelve

I wrote down the measurements of the shelves and went home to see if they would fit where I wanted them. They measurements were perfect! When the weekend came I went back to Home Depot to buy them and I was so excited!! They had one of the display units on clearance and it included three of the fabric drawers for free. Normally the drawers are about $7 each so I was pleased.

I bought the display and a new one, which I would put together once I got home. Getting everything home was an interesting adventure. We live about a mile from Home Depot and I had measured that cabinets to be sure they would fit at home but forgot to measure my car. The display shelf slid into my truck but I could not close it. Driving home at 5 miles per house and being sure not to hit any bumps was laughable!

The shelves went together nicely with the help of a friend. I took all of the books from the two bulky cabinets and arranged them in the new shelves. Once the cabinet in the spare room was empty I took it out to the garage. I moved the cabinet from the living room into the spare room. This opened up the living room a lot!

The wall where the cabinet had been was empty and it did not look right to me. I brought out a dresser from the spare room and filled it with all my crafting. Across the top I displayed all of our scrap books. Previously all of this was in the closet of the spare room and a bit awkward to get to if I wanted to use it or share with anyone.

Living Room with Bookshelves

This is our rethought living room! I am pleased with the changes and so happy with the way it is coming together. It is a small space so it looks full but it is comfortable to us.

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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