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Pink Diva Room!! March 19, 2013

On Saturday afternoon I got a call from my sister Maureen about my niece Keegan’s room makeover. She was pretty stressed because she had to put the flooring in and she was not good with saws. Poor sis was stressed! After working an 8 day shift and coming home to a house full of chores plus a room that she had to have finished by today!

You may be wondering “why today?”. Keegan’s birthday was on Friday and her birthday party is tonight. The gift she is getting from her parents was her new room.

I wanted to help my sister calm down as well as get everything done so I drove down to Santa Rosa. Maureen had the walls painted by the time I got there so we sent to work on the floor. By the end of the night on Saturday night we had to floor to the closet almost done and we were exhausted =)

Sunday morning we got up early and enjoyed breakfast and coffee but then it was back to work. Her father in law was coming over to install the chandelier light in the ceiling so we started to clean the house. By the time he was done installing we had the lower house cleaned up, all the goodwill loaded in the van and had our plan of attack ready. We took and delivered the good will which honestly filled half the van, kids grow so fast, and came home to dig in.

We got to the closet and found that it was cuts that I was not confident making. Our Dad came over and finished the floor in the closet in 10 minutes, which by the way would have probably taken me half the day =), and he cut the plywood for the headboard we were going to build. When he left we took the fabric, batting and board up to the bedroom. There was a red rug for the floor beneath the bed to help eliminate the bed moving away from the wall. The bed was put back together and lined up along the wall length wise to make it more like a day bed. Using the bed as a work table, the fabric and batting were laid out. Then we put the board on top and used a staple gun to upholster it. The upholstered headboard was then screwed to the wall to ensure that it does not move.

Using modge podge Maureen adhered fabric to the top on an old vanity for the room. Once it was dry we laid it on its side and I glued the drawer fronts on. Keegan and vanity drawers would not be a good combination so glued shut was the best option.


Before I knew it is was late into the night, and I still had to drive home, but I feel that it was worth it. When I left this is how wonderfully Diva pink ballerina Keegan’s room was.BedroomCloset Bed with Padded Headboard

Believe it these pictures do not do it justice! I can’t wait to go back and taken pictures again during the day to give you a better view of how awesome this room turned out. Good job Maureen!


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