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Straight from Mom……..Denim Rug Continues March 21, 2013

Now at this point, you have gotten over the giggles or sympathy you felt for me when my rug fell apart.  But wait, my second lesson was to take place 3 years later (Shay is a Freshman, Col has graduated) when I opened up the closet.  The closet was chuck-a-bluck full of crafting materials, sewing materials, and what ever else I could squeeze into it.  I went looking for something in that closet, opening all the boxes, bags, etc.  At the bottom tucked away in its box was my disaster of a rug!  I pulled it out to ponder later in the day.

Deciding to give it another go, I visited the same store and gave them my sad story.  This time they recommended fishing line, it shouldn’t break due to its strength!  Wonderful, I was back in business.   Pulled it all out, got the old thread all removed, and started again.  This time I was confident, my perch on that pedestal was slippery but I would remain seated!  A month later, after working on the rug during my free time, it was 2 feet round.  When I lifted it to set it aside every evening, it didn’t SNAP, whaaa hooo!  Unfortunately, it stretched, the fishing line just grew and grew.

Wham, into the closet it went!

Now, I was pissed!  I was convinced those women had no idea what they were talking about.  When I got over kicking the box everytime I came across it, I would figure out how to make it work MYSELF!

Well, life has a way of passing very quickly.  We are grandparents now, Colleen is married, Shay has been out of high school for 6 years, my busy, frantic, hectic life of being Mom has slowed down.  The closet is still there, still filled to bursting, and I once again I find that dreaded box.  I was pleased to find that my children still had me on that pedestal, I hadn’t crashed and burned that fateful day.  Shay looked at the box and calmly said, “You are going to make that rug for me, yes?!  You will get it this time.”  With that kind of confidence in me, I decided to tackle it again.  Third time is the charm right?  I grabbed all the components and set them in the diningroom.

As fate would have it, Steven came in that evening with a spool of thread he found cleaning in the garage.  Not just any thread, but waxed string, the kind we used for leather crafting back when we were in 4-H as kids.  He knew I had dragged that rug out and was courageously going to make another attempt.  Being my partner in all my sundry crafting adventures, he thought it would be the perfect solution to the problem.  The wonderful man was correct as usual!  Just look at the rug now, it is 3 feet round and growing……………


I am still working on it.  It is larger than my kitchen table now, with all the extensions in it!  Shay was hoping for an 8′ round rug, but it is 6′ plus and getting way too heavy for me to move around now.  So, I am going to finish up the balls of denim I have going and call it a day!  Shay is supremely pleased with it, he even remarked it is “beautiful”.  The highest compliment to date, usually I get “that’s nice Mom.”  The feeling of accomplishment I am feeling is euphoric!  Perseverance paid off and though I am not ready to start a new one, there is one forming in my mind for later.

I will post again once the rug is finished and in place………………………… Cyn


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  1. I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. I love your posts; they are always very diverse and unexpected. Check out for the details.

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