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Eye Pleasing Pet Guard March 25, 2013

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I hope that you enjoyed the grand reveal of our master bedroom! I am still so happy about how it turned out. That being said I am not happy about one aspect of the bed.

We inherited a cat from my family. His name is Bello but more often than not I lovingly call him “DC”, which stands for “Damn Cat” or “Dungeon Cat” depending on the day =) Don’t get me wrong, he is a loving cat and I would NEVER abuse him but sometimes he just is a brat!

The dungeon cat nickname comes from his love of hiding. When he first came to live with us he lived strictly in the garage. This was to be sure that he learned that his food and litter box were out there. Whenever we went out the garage to find him he was sleeping under the water heater stand. It was like his own little warm cave.

Then we opened the cat door so that he can come into the house from the garage. He started hiding under our bed or behind the couch.

I like to keep the house clean, if you ask some of my family I like to over-clean  but I can not vacuum all the floor under our California king sized bed. This bothers me so I tried to block the bed so he can not get under.

Sadly it did not work and when we moved the bed to paint the walls I had to vacuum a lot a cat hair. How do I fix this? What can I do?

In the future I was hoping to build/buy a bed frame that had drawers under it for storage but they are expensive and not in the budget now.

Eureka! I got it! We went to Home Depot and bought two 12 ft pieces of 2×10, which we had the store cut in half for us. Had to cut them to get them home in a car… I took three of the pieces and painted them. First I used the sample paints that I had got as the primer.

Boards primed with sampler paint

Then I painted them with two coats of the same color blue we used for the trim. It was a nice day out so ash set up his tools on the back patio. Using the outdoor couch as an extra surface to measuring where to cut.

Measuring for cuts

Ash cut the boards to the right length and brought them into the bedroom.

Ash cutting the boards

Once the first two sides were cut we set them into place and cut the final piece.Then he screwed through the side boards into the end of the board with is at the foot of the bed. Once it was all screwed together we made sure that it was touching the base board on the wall at the head of the bed.

Ash working

I used some wood filler to fill in the screw holes and sanded down any sharp edges that were caused by cutting the  wood. When the wood filler was dry I touched up the paint and let it dry. Once the paint was dry I pulled the bed skirt over the wood.

Ta-Da! Eye pleasing pet guard! No more cat under the bed and the entire project cost us less that $15. I know that it is not always in sight but I wanted to be sure that it I take the bed skirt off or if it moves it would be eye-pleasing.

Now we just have to let Bello get used to not being able to hide under the bed.

Bello trying to get under the bed.

Poor guy! Change can be so rough! =)


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