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Straight from Mom……………….. Denim Rug Completed!! March 27, 2013

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As promised, a picture of the finished rug is ready.  It is not in it’s new home, but rather I took pictures of it in my entryway.  The rug is too big for the area but, you get to see it in a natural setting.


I finished it off, but luckily when you make it yourself, I can still add on and make it bigger later if needed.  The satisfaction of Finally getting this rug made will last a long time!  I imagine there will be another project that frustrates me down the road, but I know that there will be a solution if I just take a deep breath (after I toss it in the closet), set it aside for a spell (I think 3 years is not a bad time frame), and then look at it with fresh eyes and solve the blasted problem! LOL  Have a super day guys……………. Cyn


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