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How do I keep the holidays with me everywhere? March 29, 2013

Life is busy and often keeps me from home! Even when I am at home I do not have much space for decorating right now….. ok so the reason for no space is my crafting as taken over the house =)

Every month I go and get my nails done at the salon. I have a set of gel nails on which helps me to feel feminine. When there is a holiday that month I like to enjoy it so I have Lyna, my awesome and talented technician, incorporate it into my nails.

For Christmas I had a string of holiday lights

photo (1)

Now March was a bit tricky for me because there are two holidays this month but I love my nails. 


We did spring colors on the tips with polka dots then she painted a bunny and a shamrock on my ring fingers. Pretty neat huh!?!!

I love them and I still and not quite sure that I believe her that this was the first time she had ever painted a shamrock. I mean look at it….

photo (2)

It is perfect! My pictures are not too great but the nail art is =) I love having the holidays with me where ever I go!!


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