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Straight from Mom……. Fabric, Wood and Ceramics Project? hmmm April 1, 2013

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You folks are in for it now!  Col has asked me to continue writing supplementary blogs for her.  I really do enjoy talking to myself, ask any of my dogs or cats!  Over the years, her Dad and I have tackled many creative tasks and lived to tell about it.  We are both avid gardeners and work with ceramic clay, I love to sew, crochet, basically any kind of needlework, Dad is awesome with wood and building the crazy items I need to complete a project.

Our latest joint effort we are very proud of.  It just started as a stack of ceramic bisque (not painted) plates that were ordered then never picked up.  Happens in our industry, a little too often than we like, but heck that’s life.  So anyway, this stack of plates were starring at me for months, no more like years if you judge from the dust accumulating on the top plate.  I was determined to find a new, fun, and creative use for these plates.  They were taking up room on the workbench, basically I was sick of moving them around when I needed the space!

While out running errands, I saw something that made that “Edison bulb” go on.  I came home and gathered up some items that might be useful in my new endeavor.  See what you think,


I also put Steven (Dad) to work on some metal sleeves I would need later.  I also looked through that black hole of a craft closet and found some fabric and made a pattern for my project.


Okay now I will let you stew and see if you can figure out what my “Edison bulb” moment was.  My girls figured it out immediately, they know too well how my mind works!

See you soon, Cyn


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