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Searching for a Basket/Bin for the Vanity April 10, 2013

The vanity in our room has a large open area which currently houses my two small baskets. It does not look visually appealing to me at all! I went shopping many times to see if I could locate a basket or bin to fill the space with no luck.

Most of the bins that I found were either not the right size or so expensive that I laughed as I put the item back on the shelf. Growing up in a thrifty house made me a bit of a price snob and I am not ashamed of it. Each item I look at in a store I always think to myself “can it be made for less?”. If the answer is yes them I take a picture on my phone and walk away. If the answer is no then I carry it around considering it. Usually only the items that I love or have good bones end up going home with me. Good bones are essential for recovering or reusing for another purpose.

I decided it was time to suck up to Daddy. I took the measurements of the space that I wanted to use. Now I know exactly what size bin I want Dad to make. I sat down and sent him an email describing the project and giving him the measurements. I have the best Dad EVER!!! He said YES, he would build it for me!!!!!

Now I have a bin that will fit my area being built. Time to get the paint ready and shop for fabric to line the inside of the bin.

I can not wait to get it all in place and share with you the finished product!!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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