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Straight from Mom……. Have you figured it out yet? April 12, 2013

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Okay, I will be so disappointed if you too have figured out my quest!  Did you?

Ha Ha, nice try.  I will give you another clue as I work to get this finished for my Mom’s birthday.  After getting the material all cut out, I decided it would look better if I added stiffener in between the layers of fabric, oh and a thin piece of wire in there too.    In this way,  I am hoping to be able to manipulate the fabric as needed.  The last touch was to sew bias tape to seal the selvage edges.  Of course, this will also go outside, so I spent a day water sealing them too.  Whaa laa…….


While sealing them, I bent them so they dried curved beautifully.  The ceramic pieces I cut out were out of the kiln and ready to paint.  Choosing purple and yellow to accent the fabric, I went to work.  Tomorrow, it will all be put together.  Depending on if the glue dries, I will post the finished piece.  I am sure by now you know what I am doing………………… Cyn


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