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Straight from Mom……. Tada!! Garden Flower to Bloom Smiles! April 15, 2013

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Welcome back!  You just want to see if you were right, I know.  If the girls figured it out with one photo, I am sure you had it with the last one.

Recently, Steven and I have been talking about eliminating the yard plaque line we offer on our website.  While my family and friends have enjoyed them the general public hasn’t caught on to my genius LOL.  So, I have all these metal yard hooks that will need another use.  Steven created a sleeve for the back of my plate so I could hang it on the hook.


This morning, I couldn’t wait to see my creation in all it’s glory…………………………………


Well, what do you think?  My Mom is gonna flip!  I can’t wait to make some more so I can have a few in my yard.   I am also playing with some new shapes too!  Colleen, I can already hear you, where’s mine???  Patience Doll!  All in good time, now that I know what I am doing and worked all the kinks out.  Too much fun, Cyn


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