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Straight from Mom……….Another Creation! April 17, 2013

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Well, so much has happened the last couple of weeks!  I accepted a temporary full time job.  Took time to get paperwork done so I could start last week on Monday. We also had the continuing drama of our washing machine repair.  Oh, that’s right, I didn’t tell you about this new kink in our daily life.  Our washing machine broke, literally broke, the front loader drum dropped to the bottom of the machine.  A week before Easter, no less.  The drum, thank goodness, has a lifetime warranty.  We waited 10 days for the parts to arrive and wouldn’t you know, the repairman came and left.  The poor machine is now waiting for another part.  Only at my house, LOL. We have to wait another 10 days for the next part.

Thankfully, our eldest, Maureen lives close by and I got the laundry from the previous 10 days done at her house this last week.  Works out great because I watch the grandkids after school most days anyway.  Multi-tasking!  A woman’s secret weapon!  This next week I can do the laundry and help with homework at the same time!

Speaking of “multi-taking”, I also was able to finish the new yard flower I was working on.  Hidden talent, I know, LOL  It is a smaller flower than the “pinwheel” larger flower I showed off last time.  Here take a look……



I  wish I had taken a picture of the two flowers side by side, hind sights 20/20.  But, I sold the first flower already.  Who knew that they would be received so well.  I sure didn’t, I am just having fun experimenting with new ideas that pop into my head.  Oh, and let me tell you, I have had trouble sleeping with all the flower designs going round in my head!  Crazy you say, boy howdy!  It sure pays off though, I designed in my sleep an Iris for my next flower!  I am so jacked about it, I will be cutting it out tomorrow when I get home…………………. Thanks for checking in, Cyn



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