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Front Yard Phase 1: Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers April 19, 2013

I love the look of the country cottage flower gardens. They feel so friendly and relaxing. Like I could just grab a book and sit anywhere to read while the dragonflies and birds fly about.

Photo by

The yard will not look like that one but it was a beautiful garden that gives me inspiration for my yard. Inspiration almost always starts from my parents house but I do get a bit from pictures.

My parent’s yard has been evolving over the years to a beautiful flower oasis during the summer. They taught me everything that I know about gardening, planting, spreading and basic care.

Now it is time to start my front yard. I think that for me phase one is just to plant flowers and let them spread.

My parents have given me calla lilies, cannas,  princess lilies, day lilies, and so much more to plant. All plants are from their yard. You see they bought perennial flowers that mound and or spread. Every couple of years they break up the flowers and move some of the new growth to a new place so it has more room to grow. This year instead of replanting the flowers in their yard, they potted them or put them in a box so that I could transport them home and plant them in my yard.

This caused me to learn one lesson, do not leave the box of flowers on or near the yard bin on trash day. My husband was trying to be helpful and saw the box on top of the can so he threw it inside and put the can out for pick-up….forgetting that I had told him about how they were flowers from my parents and I was going to plant them that weekend… You could say that I was pissed when I found out. To be honest I was only pissed off for a moment! He was trying to help and would not have done it on purpose. So now there is a rule in place, he does not throw anything yard related away without asking first. Luckily there was a bit more at my parents house and they are bringing me more.

Starting around the edge of the yard I planted the flowers that I have been given and bought. I even bought a couple of hydrangea and geraniums to add to the mix. Now I am starting to add a small border in front of the flowers so that it is easier to identify where they are. Not all the flowers that I have planted have blooms on them and I do not want to mow over the top of them and or spray them with weed killer.

By the front door we have a juniper bush and I planted in front of it to add some depth  There is still a lot of weeds there so I am going to spray the ground and then add bark. I bought this black bark from Home Depot and I like it because it blocks out the sun so that the weeds below die off plus it give nutrients to the ground as it breaks down. In addition, the bark makes a huge difference to me.

Flower bed by driveway

I think that it makes the plants stand out more. I absolutely  need to go and get more of it to do around all of my plants!

Now that I am started on phase one, it is time to start planning for phase two: fencing. Stay trimmed LOL I mean tuned!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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