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Straight from Mom…….. Unique Iris April 22, 2013

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Me, myself, and I are out of practice working full-time. Don’t get me wrong, I do work full-time, year roundIt is a whole different enchilada, working out side the home!  I signed on for a minimum of a month, 5am to 1pm.  Which has meant rising at 3:40am and crashing at 7:30pm, making dinner etc. in between.  I have also been slipping in the casting and cleaning for orders too.  Exhausted, didn’t even cover my condition the first week, LOL.  This week has been mucho better.  Now, I guess you would call it just fatiqued.  I wake up before the alarm, so I know I am getting enough sleep, just still slow moving when I get home.  By the third week, I will be tired, but in a good way, faster to recover, and fully functioning on the weekend.  It will finally be routine and it will be all over.  LOL.  Oh, but I have had a great time in the process! 

This last weekend, in a spurt of energy, I drew and cut out my Iris pattern for the new flower I have been tossing around in my head.  This one is for me!  Our iris are just getting started blooming, they are so lovely!  Steven and I walk out every evening to see who has bloomed that day.  We have kept all the names, hybridizers, and the year they came out on little plaques in the iris beds. 


We both love to be on a first name basis with our irises.  It has helped us to eliminate duplicating, we must have 150+ scattered around the yard already.  So, it makes perfect sense to make an iris yard flower for myself.  This is just the beginning…….

ImageUse your imagination, I just started to cut out the material.  I can already see it finished in my mind.  I am hoping to get some more work done on it this weekend, the mind is willing we’ll see if the body follows suit, Ha Ha Ha. 

Thanks for stopping by, Cyn


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