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Reusing Shelf to Make Bar Cabinet April 24, 2013

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In February I talked about creating a bar area and how I am going to make the cabinet to hang on the wall above the bar. Well some of the plans for this project changed a bit.

The wall which the bar is on has real wood paneling which we have found is not the easiest thing to mount anything to. So for now I will be reusing the shelf to sit on top of the bar instead of mounted on the wall. This is good for me because I do not have to mount a bottom of the shelving unit. So it is time to get started!

The shelf has been sitting in the garage since we reorganized the house so I did not have to move it in order to get started. First thing that I wanted to do was remove the flourishes that were built into the shelves. Removing them was surprisingly easy because they were only screwed in.

Once I had everything removed Ash moved the shelf to the table on the back patio and I began painting. We are painting it to match the bar so it is a black with a satin finish.

Painting shelf on patio

After a few coats of paint we are pleased with the color so cleared off the top of the bar. With crystal and glass decanters it was very important to clear off the bar or it was almost a given that I would break something…eekk!

Once the cabinet was in place Ash arranged everything the way that he wanted it.

Ash arranging the bar

He is very pleased with the progress we have made so far. The next step for us will be to find the right cabinets to go on the front which might take us a little while because this is Ash’s area and connected to his hobby of brewing beer. As he put it, he is a perfectionist when it comes to his hobbies. LOL, well I think that was his exact words, if not it was pretty close.

Bar finished

When we install any doors or make any improvements on this project I will share them but for now enjoy the sunshine!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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