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Straight from Mom…… Changing Directions April 26, 2013

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My first 2 weeks are under my belt. As I had hoped I hurt much less, this old body has been in boot camp.  Too funny really, even a 20 year old I was working with was sore all over too.  I have had quite a bit of fun and was saddened it was coming to an end.  NOT, I have been offered a permanent position.  After consulting with Steven, I have decided to accept.

The ceramic business that I have been so dedicated to for almost 20 years has been in a steep decline for a while.  Lots of contributing factors, the economy of course, chiefly it is the industries love affair with imported goods.  There is no way to compete with imported goods from China, goodness knows I have tried.  We have hung in there as long as possible, but I can’t keep it afloat on $2.00 a hour.

So, I will keep all my molds for now, I will keep experimenting and take as many creative adventures as I can.  The creative process is as essential as breathing for me!  I really don’t think I could stop, it is such an integral part of who I am.  I have promised Steven that I will continue the website, designbycyn, and blog until 2014.  Then we will revisit this endeavor and decide to keep on or throw in the towel then.

Until then, it is creative as usual.  Now I can devote my free time to gift making and special orders instead of casting and cleaning orders for others to paint.  Colleen suggested that I  show you some of the past adventures Steven and I have taken in our creative endeavors.  Some bombed, I can’t show you them, they are in the trash long gone.  But, I can let you know what doesn’t work, he he he.   So, that is what I will do.  Until next time, Cyn


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