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Another Step Toward Dream Vanity April 29, 2013

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Back in January I talked about my desire to add a vanity in our room. For those of you who missed it let me give you a brief refresher.

The house we were renting until December had a nice size bedroom which allowed me to have room for a vanity.

Vanity at Rental House

We do not have that kind of space in room right now but I am almost determined to have a vanity again. My first thought was to change out the night stand next to my side of the bed. The original night stand had room for more storage than I needed. Plus the storage was sometimes hard to get to with Dixie sleeping on that side of the bed. When I moved the nightstand I found the mold which started the master bedroom decoration project.

Right Side of Bedroom

As you can see in the picture above I moved the old night stand to sit by the window. I put the smaller vanity mirror that we had on top and leaned it against the wall. I liked how this was looking.

In my old vanity I have two baskets that fit into the drawers. Inside those baskets I kept my hair accessories and my make up. Since I did not have a vanity I had the bathroom across the top of the cabinet. Ok I am not the tallest person or the shortest but being the shortest in my family I accepted my height. My Dad loves to tease me about my height by asking me how things are under the weather LOL, not that he is that much taller than me! My Grandpa Boyle, Uncle Chris and my brother Shamus on the other hand are huge! I honestly I have to look up to talk to them and make eye contact! But I am rambling now =)

The old night stand in place I decided to call it my temporary vanity. The vanity has two drawers and a large open shelf in-between. I go into the bathroom, climb up on the toilet to reach my accessory baskets. Remembering all the while why I have not been doing my make-up everyday. This climb every morning for a clutz like me is asking for a ride in an ambulance. Slowly and safely I get the baskets down and take them into my room. I arrange them side my side in the open shelf. The baskets are small so they do not look right the right fit for the area. Hmmmm…. I guess that I will have to start looking for another basket or bin to fill that space.

When the paint dried on the walls we hung the mirror above the vanity. I keep the stool sitting to the side because the walk way is too small otherwise.

Improv vanity set-up

I think that this is a good temporary vanity for me. It will serve me well till we remodel the house. Now back to being a bit girly, time to do my hair and make-up everyday…. Yes, that is actually a goal of mine but that is a discussion for another day =)

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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