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Starting a Garden: Phase 2 – Preparation May 1, 2013

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Even though I had a minor change of plans which has my garden in pots this year, I still want to get started with the preparation. This will give me more time to get everything done for next year.

We are going to be extending the back of the house to the end of the patio on both sides. Which will eliminate half of the yard, when it happens. I mention it a lot because we plan to do it but as of now it is just a dream of the future that I hope will come true within the next 5 years.

In order to get the yard ready I need to get the grass and weeds out of the areas where the boxes will go. My first thought was to have Dad come and till the whole back yard, removing all grass. Then I could spray weed killer and pull weeds as they grow till there are none.

Dad told me no, this was not the way to go. He told me to start spraying the weed killer now and let it die off without tilling. I bought some weed killer and marked the areas that I want to spray.

Now to start killing the weeds while keeping the pets safe is a bit of a scare for me. I have Dixie my daughter-dog and  our cat Bello, the red-headed step child of the house. I was afraid to spray chemicals in the yard which could hurt them. My Dad assured me that 30 minutes after I spray it will be safe for them to be in the yard.

Armed with knowledge and weed killer…. I will concur the yard LOL! ….I hope =/

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