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Straight from Mom…..Refinished Card Table May 6, 2013

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Steven and I have always made all our gifts, whenever possible.  Sometimes it was refurbishing a thrift store find, creating from our ceramic catalog was always on the menu, and my love of cross stitching and crocheting came in handy too.   In the beginning, it was from necessity.  We chose to keep me home with the kids, so we became very creative with the budget we had.  Let me tell you for us, it was also so much more fun and satisfying to create instead of buying retail.

Gosh, it had to be at least 3 years ago I came across a very old card table.  It was in need of some tender loving care and when I saw it I knew my brother would love one.  (He was always borrowing my Moms)  The table was a steal at $10.00 and I knew with some elbow grease and patience it would become a beautiful piece of furniture.


This is the table taken apart.  It originally had felt backed plastic covering the center section of the table.  I removed all of it and found this lovely grained wood underneath!  All it needed was to be sanded and then I could start the design I had in mind.

My brother lives near the south entrance to Yosemite National Park.  It is a beautiful area of California!  When I saw this table I thought of all the huge pinecones which litter the floor of Yosemite and the outer lying areas.  With the wood grain and some patience I intended to burn a pinecone themed design in the middle of the table, then stain and seal.

Thankfully, the wood was soft and the wood burning was all the easier for it.  I was so excited about this and it really did turn out beautiful!  Take a look………..


I am not sure this picture does it justice, too far away to see the design.  My bother opened it up for Christmas and was thrilled!  It is used constantly and he now has his own, so no more borrowing Moms anymore.  For some people, it is hard to see an item in pretty bad shape and formulate a picture in their heads of what it could be transformed into.  As you return to visit Colleen’s blog, you will come to understand what I mean.  It is so much fun to take the ordinary and create the extraordinary!   See you next time………….. Cyn


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