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Front Yard Phase 1 Part 2: Continuing to add flowers May 8, 2013

The weather has been nice which makes me itch to be outside. I could not resist so I went out into the front yard to plan what I was going to do next. During a recent shopping trip to Costco I found 3 cala lily plants for $6. I was in shock and took them home as fast as I could so no one could tell me it was a mistake. Just the week before I bought one for $6, now I got 3 for that price! All I could do was smile!

In the yard I gathering all the flowers that needed to be planted. Some were from my parents and the rest were the cala lillies. Placing the pots on top of the ground I was able to get a visual idea of how they would look planted. Once I had them in place Ash came out to dig the holes for me. I am not a weak person or against manual labor but these holes were beyond me because the front yard has roots everywhere. I tried to dig holes before and I hit so many roots that I was exhausted by the time I got one hole finished. Sad but true =/ Once all the holes were dug, I planted the flowers and sat back to admire.

cala lily area with no bark

The flowers are wonderful and I can’t help but smile when I see them because they brighten the front of the house! But I was not satisfied enough to just sit back and let them grow. When I was looking around on craigslist I found that someone was getting rid of planter edger kits. Luckily I was the first to respond and picked them up earlier in the week.

Our room mate and I sat down in yawn chairs to put the border together. We got one kit all put together and our hands were hurting really bad, so we put the edge in place and got out the bark. I love the contrast of the black bark and the bright flowers!

Cala Lilies with Bark

It is not finished. Obviously I need more bark but the yard is already transforming before my eyes and I am loving it!!! What do you think?

Front Yard April 2013

I know it is not the best to show all the work and flowers but I am learning to take better pictures.

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One Response to “Front Yard Phase 1 Part 2: Continuing to add flowers”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sweetie, the yard is evolving so much. It is looking fantastic! Have a car load of more plants for you! See you in a week.

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