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Kitchen Update Phase 3: Back Splash Completed May 10, 2013

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Working on the back splash is making me smile. Seems odd I admit, to be smiling because I am doing work but…. well I am smiling because while creating this I feel more like my mother.

Anyways, last I shared I had completed the painting of the design and the stenciled flowers but there was something missing. I decided add my own grout work.

After selecting another sample color from Home Depot I was ready to start. I took  a sponge for the package in the garage and cut a corner from it, then cut that corner in two because our room mate was helping me with the grouting. Using the sponge we lightly dabbed the paint onto the wall between the squares. We had some of the sponged new color lap over the edges of the squares. I liked the effect so we continued till all the walls were done. The edges of the design is soft and warm. We sealed the walls so that they have a semi gloss sheen which will also make it easier to keep the walls clean. Tada!!!!!

Backsplash by stove finished

Backsplash finish by stove

The impression that I get when I look at the kitchen is warm country cottage. I love it!!!!!

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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