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Organizing Pre Weekend to Do List May 16, 2013

I have been following Simplify 101 for a few months now and I love her weekend to do list posts because they inspire me to make a list and do my best to complete everything on it.

After the busy weekend we had last week and the busy one coming up I thought that I would take her advice and create a pre-weekend to do checklist!


  • Mow Lawns – needed to be careful moving because I have some plants that decided to grow in the lawn and I am curious to see what they are.
  • Weed the right side of the back yard
  • Weed the garden
  • Clean up after pets

Still to do

  • Weed the left side of the back yard
  • Touch up weeding in the front yard
  • Zumba
  • Succulent Gardens Workshop at Home Depot
  • Clean the house – Complete top to bottom cleaning to remove all pet dander and dust
  • Change the sheets on the beds
  • Laundry

Considering that my goal is to have this all done by tomorrow I am thinking that I will be a very sleepy girl tonight. BUT!!!! It will all be worth it when my Mom arrives tomorrow and we can relax and have fun with no chores waiting for me!!! Most of the projects I have been sharing with you, she has not seen in person so I am excited to get her opinion first hand! Then it is off to the thrift stores we go!

What are you plans? Do you have anything that you need to get done before the weekend? Do you have anything fun and exciting to do this weekend?


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