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Conserving Energy May 20, 2013

It is becoming more frequent for me to see posts and articles about conserving energy and or going green. Everyone has their reasons but for me it is keeping the bills down. Spring is here and it is already the temperature is getting into the low 90’s .

With the heat comes water the yard more often and running air conditioning. For us the only air conditioning is a window unit that the previous owner built into the wall of our kitchen but even that does not keep the house cool. We have to use fans to move that cool air around the house. Moving air from the kitchen presents a concern for me when I am doing laundry.

The door from our kitchen to the garage as a cat door in it which is always open so heat comes in through it. Plus the air conditioning unit is on the same wall as the dryer vent which can cause the unit to work harder to produce cool air if the dryer is running.

I went to the Dollar Store by our house to look around. You never know what kind of organization, storage or fun things you are going to find. They had a rope laundry line and the wooden clothes line clips. Eureka!! At home I asked our room mate to install the laundry line for me. He is tall so he could put it up higher for me.

Laundry Line

Of course the location that choose makes it a challenge to move the lawns because you have to duck under it. Luckily it is just high enough that I, being the shortest in our house, do not have to duck too much!

This morning I went out to hang the clothes on the line before leaving for work and I learned something else. My sprinklers were running and it reminded me that I have to be sure to remove the clothes before the system turns on or I will end up having to wait for the clothes to re-dry LOL!

Overall I am pleased with the laundry line and our reduction of dryer use! Now time to look into making the house more energy efficient, but that it for another day.

What do you do to be more energy efficient? Do you have any good ideas to share?


2 Responses to “Conserving Energy”

  1. shaheena82 Says:

    Love the clothes line, very old school. Besides clothes dryers suck energy. Another great way to improve home energy efficiency and save money by keeping costs down. I came across this infographic that explains how energy efficiency improvements are better than curtailment as you don’t have to do without or less energy:

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